Liverpool ace Robertson explains United moment triggered title realisation

Liverpool won the Premier League last season after 30 long years. Andy Robertson explains the moment he knew they were gonna win.

Jurgen Klopp and co were able to win the English league last season after 30 years. Liverpool did not just win but made a historic moment in the league. The reds were able to finish with 99 points, 22 points in front of Manchester City who were second. But Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson understood they will win prior to that.

The Scottish wing-back had a pivotal role in the success of the reds. He was great defensively and also made runs to create chances at the front. Robertson had 2 goals to his name and was able to create 12 assists in 36 league games. This is an impressive tally from the scot and will show his contribution to the win.

Andy Robertson makes a detailing of Liverpool's PL triumph in his book.
Andy Robertson makes a detailing of Liverpool’s PL triumph in his book.

Robertson is ready to drop his book, Robbo: Now You’re Gonna Believe Us,

this week. The defensive ace has made his and Liverpool’s journey to the title the main content of the book. And in it, he has add the moment he realizes that the reds were gonna win the league.

Andy emphasizes that the game against Manchester United was the moment he knew. Liverpool won the game 2-0 putting them 16 points clear from City. Robertson understands this game as the realization moment of last season. Which gave him confidence that Liverpool will lift the title.

‘We’re going to win the league!”

Anfield was on fire after Liverpool victory over United.
Anfield was on fire after Liverpool victory over United.

Anfield was reverberating with ‘We’re going to win the league’ after Liverpool’s victory. It was after a long time it was sung at Anfield. The last time it was sung before that night was in the 2013-14 season. When Liverpool had the opportunity to win the league before their hopes sunk. After a loss to Chelsea at home and ill-luck towards the end of the campaign.

Liverpool had a great start in the last campaign and always was above the rest. The fans were always making chants and news that Liverpool will take the title. But Robertson thought it was too early to decide with more games to play. Man City had won the league the term before and was still a strong opponent.

But Mohammed Salah’s goal after stoppage time saw Anfield breakout. The fans were all chanting ‘We’re going to win the League ‘ in unison. Robertson does admit that he felt it was too early for that. He almost felt a regrettable feel for a while. As the league was only halfway and if their performance drop later on things will sink completely.

But the Scot explains that a few moments into the chanting, he felt an electrifying feel. Robertson could feel the energy flow through him and saw him chant along with the fans at Anfield. This was the moment he knew that they will win the league. Liverpool had just defeat United, a strong lineup as well. The reds did not disappoint their fans and went on to win the league.

Premier League is more competitive

Klopp has a more complex task this term at Liverpool.
Klopp has a more complex task this term at Liverpool.

After winning the title last term and the Champions League the season before that. Liverpool hopes to win big this season as well. But unlike last time, most PL clubs seem to have reinforced their lineups. We even saw Liverpool have a tough game against Leeds United. The game came to an end 4-3 in favor of the reds. But Leeds had the game under their control and if not for the penalties from Salah, they might’ve won it as well.

Manchester United and Chelsea are also posing an imminent threat. The Blues have made good use of the summer market and have some of the best stars. United are also aiming for the title after finishing third last season. Ole Gunnar’s side also made a new signing and are in for a big fight.

Manchester City as usual are a strong force in the league. Man City has been the only ones having a head to head battle win Liverpool the past two season’s. Pep and co are looking good for this campaign as well. Liverpool will not have an easy win like the last term. With more clubs looking stronger and stronger. The Premier League will surely be a great sight for us football lovers as well.

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