Liverpool news: 5000 Voices Stand With the Liverpool Against the French


Liverpool News: Although the Champions League final is over there still may be repercussions to face for what happened prior to the final. At first, not many people were aware of what actually happened.

But now the news has spread like wildfire. Organizations, as well as politicians, have entered the frame as the matter seems to be escalating. Liverpool has made it clear that they will not stand inappropriate accusations upon their supporters.

The French are of the opinion that it was the Reds fans who were causing all the chaos. While some of them may be at fault that does not mean all of them were. That is why it was inappropriate of the authorities to publish such comments.

As a result, they now face the infuriation of Merseyside. Liverpool Chairman Tom Werner had already warned that the club will take legal action if an apology is not issued, and it looks like they have started the process.

Liverpool News: Fans pour in videos as Liverpool looks for evidence of mismanagement

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Liverpool News: Liverpool are set to avenge the pride of their supporters

In a bid to gather evidence of what transpired before the game, Liverpool asked their supporters to submit any videos of inappropriate conduct. On Monday the announcement was made and there has been a tremendous response from the Fans.

As per reports from the Mirror, the club already has over 5000 videos. These too are specific ones that have been selected and just amount to a quarter of the total videos. This itself is a testimony to the number of people who were caught in the chaos.

Liverpool is doing all this to strengthen their lawsuit against the French government. As if the mismanagement wasn’t enough they went on to make false claims about the club’s fans.

Also, there has been contradicting evidence to the claims laid down by the French interior minister. Liverpool is in the process of gathering this evidence so they can file a legal complaint.

Liverpool Fans contradict Gerald Darmian’s statement

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The French interior minister claims that 70% of the Liverpool fans had fake tickets. The official statement is all of these fans were cleared by the first line of security. Also since there was no harm or loss of life it was a good job by the police.

However, on the contrary, people are sending in videos showing no security checks at the first cordon. People are of the opinion that there were no first security checks which is why it was difficult to establish who had fake tickets.

Secondly for a period of time 20000 were in a single line and there was a threat to the life of all those present. Police vans were intentionally placed to narrow out the cordon which could have been avoided.

After hearing both sides’ arguments it seems that the fault is equally split. That is also why the narrative taken up by the French government is naive and may end up in legal trouble for them.

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