Liverpool News: Bayern Won’t Be Getting an Easy Bargain for Sadio Mane


Liverpool News: It isn’t the best of weeks for Liverpool fans around the world. Sadio Mane had made an announcement that he will be deciding about his future with Liverpool post the final.

Not only did Liverpool end up losing the final but it looks like they will end up Losing Mane too. As per reports, Mane has decided not to extend his stay with Liverpool in search of greener pastures.

Bayern Munich would look plenty green to Mane if he’s looking for glory. Bayern has explicitly spoken about their interest in Mane and as of now, they look the most likely to sign the Senegalese.

Sadio Mane only has one year left on his contract with Liverpool and Bayern is looking to exploit that. The Bavarians are looking for a cheap deal for Mane however Liverpool will not make it that easy.

Liverpool News: Liverpool will use Bayern’s tactics against Bayern

Liverpool News: Liverpool won’t budge when it comes to negotiations

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Robert Lewandowski has expressed his desire to leave Germany in search of a new challenge. While the club understands his desire, he is a Bayern player for one more year.

Bayern is adamant about not accepting any low prized bids for him. Liverpool plans to do the same with Mane. They’d rather sell him as a free agent than sell him cheap right now.

That way the club can reap his services for one more season. As per the Mirror, Bayern is willing to offer a figure of £25 million for Mane services along with £4m and £8m in bonus payments.

Liverpool, on the other hand, is looking for a figure of around £45 million. The Reds are absolutely justified in their demands as a player of Mane’s caliber is definitely worth more than £50 million.

Liverpool could end up losing their big Trio

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It could be the end of an era for Liverpool as all three of their star attackers are ending the last year of their contract. Mane has already made the decision to leave the club and Firmino may follow suit.

To some relief, Salah has said that he wants to stay. Although, it’s a fickle world and you never know when one might change their mind. Even if all three of them won’t leave, Mane and Firmino are most likely to depart.

Liverpool will need to identify alternatives they want to bring in as replacements. Luis Diaz and Jota can be good replacements for Mane on the left-wing. Although the club would still need a proper number 9.

Perhaps it’s time Liverpool star looking for an out-and-out poacher. Perhaps that’s the missing piece of their puzzle, someone who thrives on half chances and can convert them on a consistent basis.

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