Liverpool News: Mane Would Be Smart Not To Follow in Can’s Footsteps


Liverpool News: Sadio Mane judging by the tone of his comments after the final looks set to depart from Liverpool. It’s been six fantastic years for the Senegalese at Merseyside but it looks like his time with the Reds is at an end.

Although, there are still no clear explanations as to why Mane wants to leave the club. It is true that he and the Jefe have had their differences in the past. There were even issues with Mo Salah.

However, Mane had moved past all that and he and Salah played really well together this season. If Mane is leaving in search of more titles then it would definitely be the wrong choice.

Emre Can made a similar decision couple of years back. It was his statement that he left Liverpool in search of Silverware. Although, if you look at it from a neutral perspective, you would feel that Can made the wrong choice.

Given the trajectory Liverpool was heading in, it was obvious that Silverware was soon to follow. After Can’s departure, the club went on to win the PL, Champions League, and now both of the domestic cups.

Liverpool News: Sadio Mane’s post-game statement hinted at an exit

Liverpool News: Sadio Mane is likely to leave the Reds after a 6-year spell.

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Sadio Mane has been one of the core pillars for Liverpool. He joined the Reds 6 years ago if he leaves he will do so after winning it all with Liverpool. Surely, the search for glory won’t be his reason as Liverpool is doing well enough in that respect.

There could be some other matters. There is also the issue of wages being paid to him which are comparatively very low. Although, the club could try and correct that mistake should Mane give them that chance.

Although, it feels as if the matter will now be out of Liverpool’s hands. This was his Mane’s post-game statement as per the Mirror. I think it’s a tricky one in the game tonight, we are disappointed – the fans have been amazing.

I want to thank them for everything and the boss, I wish this team all the success in the world.” “Wish them all the success in the world”, sure sounds like a player who’s ready to leave.

Bayern looking at Sadio Mane as Lewandowski’s replacement

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Robert Lewandowski has spoken his mind at Bayern Munich. He wants to leave and he hopes that Bayern won’t make him stay for one more season. If Robert leaves, he will leave a huge attacking gap in Bayern’s ranks.

The Bavarians are hoping Sadio Mane could fill in Lewandowski’s shoes. Although he does not play like a proper number 9, Mane does have a knack for getting goals. Considering the service at Bayern there is a high probability he will thrive there.

However, Liverpool won’t make it easy for Bayern to acquire Mane. They will ask for a decent figure and if Bayern are not willing to pay then they simply will have to wait for one more year.

Although, Real Madrid, a case in point, is an example of how players can change their minds within the span of a year. If Bayern is serious they will have to be fast on their actions to secure the signing of Mane.

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