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Real Madrid star reveals his family got death threats after the Kiev final

The root of such an act lies in the heinous mistake committed by the Real Madrid skipper on May, 2018 at Kiev during the finals of Champions league.

In the UEFA nations league match held on Saturday, the Spanish giants defeated the English army 2-1 at the Wembley. It was indeed a tough combat between the two parties as is evident from the narrow winning margin. Despite winning the match, the Real Madrid skipper, Sergio Ramos was booed and jeered all throughout the match by the fans. The reason being the lack of sportsman spirit displayed by the captain in the champions League final held at Kiev in May.

Real Madrid’s skipper Ramos was involved in a dirty tackle with Liverpool ‘s forward Mohammed Saleh in which he had deliberately injured him as viewed through the field cameras. Sergio had locked arms with the opposition’s Saleh which resulted in the latter’s violent fall onto the ground. The injured Saleh was forced to leave the ground even before half time owing to a dislocated shoulder.

Although Real Madrids were declared the champions as they crushed the English side by a margin of 3-1, yet the incident remained vividly etched in the minds of all the football fans and the legends, who didnt hesitate to lash out at him because of his inhuman behaviour. Lots of comments and criticisms had started pouring in over the Spanish centre back since then.

The accused however refused to carry any guilt for he claimed not to have done that act deliberately and said that such accidents are a part of the game.

In the match played at Wembley, the skipper was clearly happy with the team’s performance over England and seemed to pay less attention to the background drama taking place.He however made a sensational statement regarding death threats being received by his family members ever since that act during the final. After the match, he expressed once again that he had made everything clear over the issue with Saleh as said before  and that he didn’t wish to give any further explanations to those who didn’tbelieve in him.

He also expressed with dismay that people may remember the incident that took place during the Champions league final but not the threats that his wife and children received following that, which they sadly took it as a joke. As a professional footballer, he is preparing himself to remain unaffected by the boos and focus on his game, which is his ultimate objective- he further added.

One tries to evade [the boos]. In the end you feel it, but I stay out of everything. It doesn’t affect my game. I would have liked another reception because people only remember the action of the final, and nobody remembers the death threats that my family and my children received.”

It is a very sensitive issue that people maybe take as a joke about and [that’s why they] whistle in a great stadium like this. My conscience is very clear. I already explained [what happened], and I do not have to give more explanations,”

He went on to say that things are fine with Salah who himself has forgotten the mishap that occured. It had never been his intention to display his vigour on the field to win a battle rather than winning it with dedication and conviction. As a player he respects every other colleague just as he expects the same from them. Regarding the haters he said it’s their opinion and viewpoint and he chose not to interfere in that.

“You never expect a reception that is not good because, as I said the other day, if these [English] fans have something good, it is that they have always been with the great players. It has not been like that, but I am very calm, with my conscience very clear in that aspect.

“As I said before, I have never tried to hurt a colleague. There are people who may have misunderstood it, but these are football things. It will not change anything in my game or in me.”

Author’s take

Ramos has always been associated with controversies every now and then. It is his extra outrage that compels him to commit follies resulting him into becoming a target of the audience in the later stage. As a captain of Real Madrid and Spanish national team, sensibility and true sportsman spirit is hugely expected from him to keep him aloof from unwanted rifts.

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