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Man United news: Paul Pogba’s dressing room speech for France leaves Roy Keane stunned

Man United news: Roy Keane was left red-faced after he witnessed Paul Pogba giving a motivating halftime speech for France.


Man United news: Roy Keane is someone who doesn’t hold back in giving his honest reviews when it comes to football. He has always been hard on Paul Pogba but the latest footage of the Frenchman has left Roy Keane shook.

The former Manchester United captain uses his sharp tongue to speak his mind. However, his not so polite words against Pogba have come back haunting him.

Five months ago, Roy Keane went all out on Paul Pogba and said that he’s not ‘a big leader’. These words are now in complete contrast to Pogba’s recent performances.

Ole Gunnar’s side lost 3-2 away to Roma in the first leg of the Europa League semifinal this year. This forced Keane’s hand and he blasted Pogba saying that he did not possess the leadership skills to carry United to domestic and European glory.

Manchester United news: Paul Pogba's dressing room speech leaves Roy Keane stunned
Manchester United news: Paul Pogba’s dressing room speech leaves Roy Keane stunned

Man United news: Irishman’s incandescent words on Pogba

The former Red Devils captain Roy Keane had a few statements directed at Pogba after United’s loss to Roma in May this year.

“Again, I look back and think Man United should be competing in the Champions League, but I still don’t think Pogba will drive Man United back to winning championships,” Keane said in May. It didn’t end here as Keane added more to this.

“I don’t think he’s a big leader, I don’t think he’s that type of character. “He’s done better the last few games and obviously he did well during the week against Roma – although I thought the standard of that game was really poor. “I still think Man United needs to go out and get two world-class players and of course it’s easier said than done.”

Well, this raises multiple questions but the most paramount of all is, Can Pogba lead United to a Premier League title?

Man United news: Paul Pogba inspires France to make comeback in Nations League final

A video went viral on social media where Paul Pogba was seen leading a team talk at halftime during the Nations League final against Spain. This left Roy Keane astonished as he didn’t see that coming.

The former Juventus midfielder concluded a halftime speech. This left the French squad so motivated that they brought a major trophy back home. Pogba began by saying that, “We have to be aggressive,”. “It starts from the front all the way to the back, we win the ball back and we attack! And yes we’re going to run a lot because they have quality players but so do we. “We have to keep the ball & hurt them. 2nd half we have to be aggressive.”

The 2018 World Cup winners did not get off to a great start as Spain drew first blood in the 64th minute. But it wasn’t very late until the French side decided to answer back. They came roaring and two minutes later Karim Benzema found a strike in the top left corner.

Manchester United news: Paul Pogba's dressing room speech leaves Roy Keane stunned
Manchester United news: Paul Pogba’s dressing room speech leaves Roy Keane stunned

But it wasn’t over as Pogba’s speech paid a dividend in the dying stages as Kylian Mbappe scored a goal and gave France the lead. The goal had a big controversy and a VAR check too. But in the end, France kept their cool and managed to get a trophy back home.


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