“There’s no chance I would have left Liverpool or Manchester United to go and play in China. Not even for £500k a week.”-Ex PL player


Former Manchester United and Liverpool player Paul Ince has explained his view on players moving to China for high wages.

Paul Ince

Ince says that he liked the big clubs he played in and would never opt a move to China just because of high wages. The 49-year-old midfielder has played for Manchester United, Liverpool and Inter Milan in his career.

Recently many players have started thinking about a move to a club in Chinese Super League because of the money power those clubs have. But Ince slams those players on even thinking about a move to China.

Ince told Paddy Power that footballers at their peak have to play with best players and win trophies. He said: “I was brought up with the belief that I wanted to play for the biggest clubs in the world and playing in the most competitive competitions. That’s the Premier League and the Champions League. China doesn’t even compare.”

“If you’re a top player why would you go when you can still have a successful career in the Premier League?”

“There’s no chance I would have left Liverpool or Manchester United to go and play in China. Not even for £500k a week. If they had come calling when I was 31 and or 32 and my career was winding down, then absolutely I would have taken it. But as a footballer at your peak, you should want to play with the best players and win trophies.”


Recently, 25-year-old Brazilian midfielder Oscar moved from Chelsea to China to play for high wages. Ince claims that players are greedier nowadays instead should be loyal to their clubs.

Ince also talked about Diego Costa’s case which happened in the last week. He insists that Costa can win trophies with Chelsea and is also scoring a lot of goals. A player of that talent should enjoy his prime in the best league in the world.

Diego Costa

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He said: “You also have Diego Costa at Chelsea. He’s scoring goals and enjoying his football, yet he’s still open to leaving for China. Why? £2m a month tax-free is an obvious attraction. But that doesn’t substitute for winning medals and performing with the very elite in your game. That’s just pure greed.”

“Whether it’s now or at of the season that isn’t the point. Costa is 28 years old. He could play at Chelsea for the next two years, earn good money, and still go to China when he’s 30.”

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