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Manchester City News: ‘He is BETTER THAN Fabinho’, Gary Neville on midfielder

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has labelled Manchester City's Rodri better than Liverpool player Fabinho this season.


Manchester City News: Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool FC are once again back in the title race. The two teams raced ahead of Chelsea during the weekend as the Blues faltered against West Ham United.

Manchester City recorded a 3-1 win against Watford whereas Liverpool FC won in the dying minutes against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Divock Origi once again came to the rescue with the winning goal.

However this intensifies the Premier League title race even more. Three teams going head to head with hardly any space between them means it’s set to be a fantastic finish.

Manchester City are fuelled by their fantastic midfield. Among them Spanish international Rodri has been very good especially in the eyes of former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.

Gary Neville HEAPS PRAISE on Rodri

Manchester City News: 'He is BETTER THAN Fabinho', Gary Neville on midfielder
Manchester City News: ‘He is BETTER THAN Fabinho’, Gary Neville on midfielder

The pundit has recently said that Rodri’s performance this season has been much better as compared to Liverpool’s Fabinho. Moreover he said that Rodri at the moment is ‘outperforming’ Fabinho this year.

Special mention to Rodri,” said Neville in the Monday Night show hosted by Sky Sports network. “I think Rodri, at this moment in time, I love Fabinho at Liverpool

But I think Rodri is outperforming him in that midfield role. He is the unsung hero of this team. He sustains every attack. I wasn’t quite sure of him when he first came over. But he has been outstanding.” 

Additionally Rodri has been in good scoring touch thiss season and has 2 goals to his name. He has been a passing success rate of 92.2 % in the Premier League across 13 appearances. Moreover he’s participated in all the UEFA Champions League matches this season.

On the other hand Fabinho has scored just once in the Premier League. He has an interception rate of 1.7 and tackle rate of 1.4 . In comparison Rodri has an interception rate of return 0.6 and a tackle rate of 2.5.

Bernardo Silva talks about Chelsea and Liverpool in title race

Manchester City’s Portuguese international Bernardo Silva has recently talked about his side’s title race with Chelsea and Liverpool. Although they are top of the table, they need to be on their toes he said.

We’re happy to be top of the league but it’s so close, Liverpool are just one point behind, Chelsea, if I’m not mistaken, two points behind us and lots of games to play, lots of games to win, but of course it’s better to be in our position than not to be on the top.”

Good moment. We’re happy with the moment,” he added. “We’re happy with our form. But as I said, we’re not even halfway through the Premier League. It’s just the beginning.


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