Manchester City News: Raheem Sterling Could Still Break Records at City


Manchester City News: Raheem Sterling seems to be unconvinced about whether he should stay at Manchester City or not. City has just completed the signing of the Norwegian superstar Erling Haaland.

Haaland’s arrival will definitely change things at the club. Haaland isn’t one who would be contempt coming off the bench. He will want action and a lot of it, what that means is someone out there would be losing their spot on the team.

Gabriel Jesus is most likely to leave the club since he does not see his long-term future with them. Raheem Sterling too is in the last year of his contract with Manchester City. He could be tempted away with a move to Europe.

Sterling indeed has achieved a lot with City. His contributions off and on the pitch will be the cornerstone of his legacy. Although, he might look for tougher challenges as Real Madrid are on the lookout for Mbappe’s replacement.

Manchester City News: Raheem Sterling could yet make a record with City

Manchester City News: New records could tempt Sterling to stay with City for one more season.

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There are now only 3 players who have scored 100 goals under Pep. Raheem Sterling is in the elite company of Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi. Although, he could still improve his accolades as he is just short of another record.

As per reports from Manchester Evening News, Sterling is just 5 assists away from becoming the first player for Manchester City to have 100 goals and 100 assists to his name.

He could go down into the club’s history among one of their legends. Since it is the last year of his contract if an extension is not agreed to soon, Sterling will most probably end up leaving City.

The English international has already won the Premier League 4 out of 5 times in the last 5 years. Surely City’s whole focus would be on the Champions League and Sterling could wait for one more year before taking his decision.

European Challenge is every English Player’s fantasy

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Raheem Sterling is not the first player who will be tempted by the prospect of European glory. Very few players over the years have been able to continue their dominance after moving away from the Premier League.

In his interviews, Sterling has entertained the prospect of playing in Europe and making his mark there. At 27 Sterling is at the peak of his career and this will probably be the most important contract of his life.

Real Madrid provide a very lucrative oppurtunity for Sterling, should he choose to move. Where City can boast a hoard of PL titles, Madrid not only have La Liga titles title but also Champions League trophies along with that.

His role at Manchester City and the oppurtunity to make records will certainly affect Sterling’s decision. Should he decide to move it will be one of the biggest moves of the seasons.

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