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Manchester United move ruled out by player’s agent

Manchester United have been linked to a host of players from almost every top league in Europe but the agent of one such player has ruled out a move to Old Trafford.

Gareth Bale and his agent, Jonathan Barnett, have made their stance clear. With Zinedine Zidane not willing to include the Welshman in his plans, rumours have swirled around his future. But the picture looks clear to the player and his agent. Barnett has once again come out to speak about his client. In the process, he had also talked about a move to Manchester United which is sure to make tomorrow’s back pages

“Very Unlikely”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Barnett was asked about the prospect of Bale returning to the Premier League in United red. “He could fit in [at United] and do very well. He’s still one of the best players in the world but the likelihood is that it’s very unlikely.” While the response might be seen as a big blow to the Mancunians, United fans would actually be relieved.

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Gareth Bale’s quality as a footballer has never been in question but it is the injury record which is the point of concern. Solskjaer’s men already have an injury-prone, ageing winger in Alexis Sanchez who takes a considerable chunk out of the wage bill. The arrival of Dan James and Ole trusting the youth would be the more viable option for the English side.

Barnett also rules out loan moves

“Obviously Gareth’s situation at Real hasn’t improved. I think Mr Zidane has decided he can probably do without him, so we have to wait and see,” he continued. “There’s more chance of me winning at Ascot than him going out on loan. It’s not going to happen. I don’t think he wants to go out on loan. He’s got a lovely life and home in Spain.”

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“I think it would take something exceptional for him to leave and loans are not on the menu. There’s a lot of things to consider. It’s early though, it’s only June and we’ll have to wait and see. You never know, he may start playing for Real Madrid again.”

Author’s Take

Real Madrid are stuck with Gareth Bale. Both Gareth Bale and his agent know that the contractual situation is favouring the player. With Zidane making it clear that the 29-year-old is not in his plans, Real Madrid are not left with many options other than to offload him. But a £600,000-a-week wage with a deal with runs up to 2022, Bale and his agent definitely have the upper hand.

There are very few teams who can afford the former Tottenham man. With Barnett ruling out loan moves, the number is only expected to plummet. If Bale is keen to get minutes on the pitch, he has to take a massive pay to cut and move away from Madrid. Else, he can still earn £600,000-a-week warming the bench. The ball is in his court and it is up to him to decide his next shot.

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