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Manchester United News: Bruno Fernandes is not setting a good example claims ex Scotland defender


Manchester United News: Bruno Fernandes has been a revelation for Manchester United since his signing from Sporting Lisbon. He has changed the dynamics of the team with his efforts and gameplay. However, things are not rosy for him now because of his form.

The Portuguese magnifico has been accused of setting a bad example for Manchester United youngsters with his poor body language.

The United number 18 is going through a lean phase at Old Trafford. His recent displays are underwhelming, to say the least. The playmaker was back in the game against Villa for FA Cup after being dropped against the Wolves but failed to make a mark.

He has scored just five goals in 25 appearances in all competitions this term, a poor outcome compared to his previous seasons. His Portuguese compatriot Ronaldo is also facing the same criticism for the last few weeks.

Manchester United News: What does Alan Hutton have to say?

Manchester United News: Bruno Fernandes is not setting a good example claims ex Scotland defender.
Manchester United News: Bruno Fernandes is not setting a good example claims ex Scotland defender.

Alan Hutton is a former Scotland defender and believes that the blame game from seniors to other players is a key issue at the club now.

In a recent interview with the Football Insider Hutton said “We don’t have any idea of what is going around in the dressing room at the club. however, there is a lot of negativities around the club.”

“I have heard that that the dressing room is very unhappy and the body language of the players on the field suggests to me that it’s true. Every player goes through a slump, but you can’t stop trying on the field. You keep on running and go for the tackles.”

“The quality of Bruno Fernandes is unquestionable. He has taken United out of a big mess since his arrival. However, the player is throwing his hands up in the air, getting into arguments with the referees, and blaming others. United has a lot of young players who look up to him to learn and move forward.”

What did Steve McClaren have to say?

Manchester United News: Fernandes hasn’t been accused of poor body language for the first time. Former United assistant manager Steve McClaren raised similar concerns last season.

McClaren told TalkSport after United played a goalless draw in October 2020: Bruno Fernandes’s performance is disappointing. The Portuguese midfielder is disappointed because of not playing in his natural position. He’s taken out from the middle to the right-hand side.

He added: The same thing happened in the game against Newcastle. He was sent out wide and he was not happy and getting involved in the game, which is not good.

“His job is to affect the game from wherever he plays. He got to keep moving and get his head up and drive the team forward.”