Manchester United News: Richarlison’s explanation on declining a move to the Red Devils


Manchester United News: Richarlison’s statements from 2020 shows that the striker might be on a move this summer. Richarlison previously declined the club and he explained why he did so.

Clubs are keeping a careful eye on the potential at Goodison Park, with the Toffees fighting for their survival at the basement of the Premier League. In 17th place, Frank Lampard’s side is just three points above the relegation zone.

Everton fans are justifiably enraged by their team’s poor form this season. The toffees are even in a relegation battle even after the owners spent a lot of money on the team.

If the Toffees are demoted, forward Richarlison, who has four goals and three assists this season, is expected to be a target. United was interested in signing the 24-year-old in the January 2020 transfer window, but he chose to stay at Everton.

Manchester United News: What did Richarlison say before?

Manchester United News: Richarlison's explanation on declining a move to the Red Devils
Manchester United News: Richarlison’s explanation on declining a move to the Red Devils

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He previously told Los Desimpedidos: “There were other offers throughout the season, including from Barcelona and Manchester United” (United). The club, on the other hand, decided to keep me in the group. I was in no mood to leave in the middle of the season.”

“It’s inexcusable to abandon teammates like way.” If the Brazil international isn’t worried about leaving his colleagues in the Champions League, he could be interested in a move.

Goal According to reports in Brazil, United has dubbed the 24-year-old a ‘promising and interesting name’ as the club continues to plan its summer transfers.

The Red Devils may be forced to rely exclusively on Cristiano Ronaldo as a striker next season. Mason Greenwood is presently out and Marcus Rashford rumoured to be considering a move away from Old Trafford. Edinson Cavani’s contract is over at the end of the season as well.

Ralf Rangnick has already talked about bringing a young striker to the club. The German expressed his concern about Ronaldo’s ability to lead the line for United next season. The Portuguese striker will be turning 38.

What did Richarlison say now?

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Even though Richarlison’s contract with Everton continues until 2024, he was hesitant to rule out the possibility of leaving the club in the future. “Look, I have two more years on my deal here,” he told Goal last week. It’s difficult to talk about leaving because I adore Everton, have music, and have everything I need here.”

Talking about leaving is quite difficult. I’m not ready for this, but we never know what the future holds. We must be aware of and ready for everything. Let’s make this season there so we can see what happens in the following one.

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