Marco Reus Turning Into A Red Devil This January?


If the rumours are to be believed then Borrusia Dortmund attacker Marco Reus might soon be a part of Manchester United Squad. It is allegedly believed that Mourinho has his eyes set on this forward and is doing everything he can to bring this player to Old Trafford.

 marco reus

After having some disappointing matches as well as some terrible losses, Manchester United have finally placed their bet on Dortmund attacker Marco Reus. According to the local officials Jose Mourinho has his eyes on this forward and will try to bring him to Old Trafford this January.

Despite signing some of the greatest midfielders and attackers such as Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manchester hasn’t been able to perform as per their fans expectations. The Portuguese manager admits that this talented midfielder would be the solution to their attacking problems. Manchester United are a part of few teams who have had the least conversion rate in Premier League.

Although the manager does admit that they need to strengthen their defence, however, he also agrees to add some more quality to other parts of the squad as well. The officials at United also believe that Marco Reus apart from being a great player is a marketable player as well.

This isn’t the first time this player is being approached by the United board. He was also approached during the time Louis Van Gaal was the head coach for United. However, the deal couldn’t come through as Borrusia placed a whopping 60 million pounds price tag on this midfielder.

marcus reus

It is again in the realm of Mourinho that this player is being approached by United and this time everybody hopes that this deal finalises, if not in January then probably in summer.

The talent of this player cannot be overlooked as he has scored 3 goals and offered 6 assists in this season. He was the key to Borussia’s draw against Real Madrid as he scored a late equaliser which put the German club comfortably on the top of their group.

It was due to Reus’s goal that the club was able to establish the record for most goals in the group stage of Champions League.


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