Liverpool Mayor asks Police and FA to investigate Ross Barkley’s transfer

While Blues fans rejoice with their new signing Ross Barkley, it looks like the police have been brought in to investigate the transfer from Everton.

The 24-year-old came extremely close to a move during the summer transfer window, with Chelsea the main horse in the race. While Spurs were interested, Chelsea capitalized on the Ross Barkley’s refusal to sign a new contract and bought the former Everton playmaker for a mere £15 million to become their second signing of the January transfer window. However, now it looks like the police have been brought in to make sure everything’s kosher.

Ross Barkley

The England international had less than six months left on his contract at Goodison Park and Tottenham was hoping to get him for free in the summer. However, while Chelsea did chase Ross Barkley’s signature during the summer window and there were even reports of a £35 million bid for the 24-year-old, but it never materialized.

But according to reports from the Guardian and even the Mirror now it looks Liverpool’s elected mayor and a die-hard Everton fan Joe Anderson has accused both the English international and even his agent, all the while asking both the FA and even the Premier League to investigate the deal between Chelsea and Everton.

In a letter written to the FA Chairman Greg Clarke and the Premier League using his official Mayor title, Anderson went on to accuse both Barkley and even agent Paul Martin of fraud. It states “I believe that the circumstance of his transfer now warrants serious investigation. There seems to me to be at least a public perception that collusion has taken place.

While that may not be the case, it is in your interest that this is at least looked at to reassure fans that transfers will be monitored more closely in future and that no individuals are benefitting inappropriately. 

While this does give both Barkley and the Chelsea major problems for the future, Joe Anderson’s letter will certainly give the league, the FA and even the players and agents in the Premier League to make a few changes. The letter further adds“Football fans are often treated as the forgotten minority and the Premier League would not be the fantastic product it is without them. Those committed fans pay exceptional ticket prices to watch their team play which I believe gives them a stake in this whole process, and they deserve the right to a degree of transparency.

I am so concerned about the circumstances surrounding this transfer that I am asking the appropriate police authorities to consider whether any fraud has taken place.”

Author’s take:

There could be some serious consequences for both Chelsea and even Ross Barkley if evidence of fraud is found, what the punishment will be nobody will ever know. However, putting that aside Ross Barkley’s arrival has given Chelsea a massive midfield boost and while he has been out injured for first half of the season, he has resumed training and thus will be available to play in all four competitions for the Blues.

Liverpool Mayor asks Police and FA to investigate Ross Barkley’s transfer
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