‘Mera Dil Chaah Raha Hai Main Idhar Patch Bana Du’ – Shahid Afridi Recounts the 2005 Event Involving Tampering


Shahid Afridi had one of the best all-around careers of his era, spanning two decades. The former Pakistan captain was not just a potent power batter but also a skilled leg spinner. He spent more than 20 years making significant contributions to his national team in style.​

Numerous issues have also tarnished Afridi’s great career. He became one of the bad boys in international cricket as a result of these events. The all-rounder received a one-test and two-ODI suspension for tampering in 2005.​

The very first thing that springs to mind when we encounter the term “tampering” is ball tampering. Afridi had, however, previously taken his business one step further. He once desecrated a portion of the field and embarrassed his country.

The all-around player recently discussed the situation and related an amusing story. He described the events that led to him making fun of the laws and regulations. Afridi disclosed that he wasn’t the only offender. A significant part was also played by seasoned cricketer Shoaib Malik.

'Mera Dil Chaah Raha Hai Main Idhar Patch Bana Du’ - Shahid Afridi Recounts the 2005 Event Involving Tampering
‘Mera Dil Chaah Raha Hai Main Idhar Patch Bana Du’ – Shahid Afridi Recounts the 2005 Event Involving Tampering

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After the Cylinder Explosion, Shoaib Malik Hyped Shahid Afridi to Tamper with the Pitch

The tampering occurred during a Test match between Pakistan and England in Faisalabad in 2005. Since the surface offered no assistance to the bowlers, it seemed that Shahid Afridi was not pleased. The wicket was therefore neither spinning nor offering the ball movement.

A cylinder suddenly burst into flames, startling everyone. It was the best situation, in Afridi’s opinion, for him to take action. It goes without saying that the events that followed definitely heated things up.

The all-around player revealed his plans to teammate Shoaib Malik in a private conversation. Malik encouraged him to carry out the action when no one was looking rather than preventing him. Thinking about this at the same time is both humorous and shocking.

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The revelations were made by Afridi during a conversation on Samaa TV. He insisted that the series was good. Afridi thought back to the Test in Faisalabad and recalled how the ball had no turn, no swing, and no seam. He thought it was becoming very monotonous because nothing was occurring even when he used all of his effort.

“Then suddenly, a gas cylinder exploded and everyone got distracted. I told Malik, ‘Mera dil chaah raha hai main idhar patch bana du. Ball toh turn ho!’ (I want to create a rough patch on this pitch so that the ball starts turning!),” Afridi said.

“Shoaib Malik replied, ‘Kar de. Koi nai dekh raha’ (Do it, no one is watching). So I did that,” he added. What followed, according to Afridi, is history. He believes that when he looks back on it, he made a mistake.

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