Messi or Ronaldo for the Ballon d’Or – Valverde gives his answer

The Coach Doesn’t Care!

Real Madrid and Barcelona are once more practicing intense rivalry off the pitches. This time, the grounds are of the prestigious Ballon d’Or, where Ronaldo and Messi are competing for dominance. In this scenario, however, Barcelona head coach Ernesto Valverde has absolutely different opinions.

The Camp Nou boss refuses to talk about this award. He put forth a statement regarding this matter, “I don’t value any prize at all! Everyone is free to give prizes that they believe are convenient to the players.”

To Ernesto, What Matters Is a Team

There is much to check when it comes to make a good team. And from the eyes of a coach, a good combination is what makes a team great. So, Ernesto thinks that individual prizes have no value. Therefore, he refrained from talking on this matter.

Messi or Ronaldo for the Ballon d'Or - Valverde gives his answer 3

Intensity of Barcelona vs Real Madrid was extremely high, throughout this decade

The Ballon d’Or Time is Very Near!

With the winner set to be announced at 18:45 GMT today, the emotions are high at both of the sides. Right now, probability is towards Christiano Ronaldo, who is presumed to balance the competition.

Messi or Ronaldo for the Ballon d'Or - Valverde gives his answer 1

Ballon dOr shines in its complete glory.

The event will be covered at the Eiffel Tower where the fate of this year’s performance will be decided.

All Fingers Are Pointing Towards Ronaldo

Both Barcelona and Madrid are in high hopes that their superstar will dish away the prize. However, the facts and figures are pretty clear.

Messi or Ronaldo for the Ballon d'Or - Valverde gives his answer 2

Messi and Ronaldo stand next to each other before being awarded.

Ronaldo put up a spectacular show in the last season, for which he has already been awarded the FIFA Best Men’s Player. Now, the chances are high that owing to his performance, he will be marking another milestone in this rivalry of a decade. The Real Madrid star has enjoyed lifting the La Liga and the Champions Leauge this year, while Messi has had to make do with only a Copa del Rey.

Therefore, he is expected to scoop away the Ballon d’Or to end this year with a balanced score.

Twitter Is Also Lively

The Twitter users are also expecting Ronaldo to be crowned the winner at the ceremony of Eiffel. There is a tweet from a Cristiano fan in this context,

Another Ronaldo fan tweets,

On the other hand, some are taking voting polls,

The true fate will be decided in the competition where the two of these players will come face to face.

Author’s Take

A definite win for Ronaldo this one will be! Thanks to his million-dollar performances this year, Madrid has claimed both La Liga and Champions League. And in that quest, Ronaldo holds a prominent place. So, there is no doubt that we will see the scores settling today!

About Ernesto Valverde, I consider his words to be golden. To a coach, every player matters. Imagine having both of these players in a low-class football club, their efforts being put to waste. This is why Valverde has portrayed an exceptional image of his profession. I hope the vision of the teams and the fans stay clear after the game too.

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