Mobile Devices Taking Over Esports in India

Esports has experienced rapid growth in India over the last couple of years. It’s an INR 43.8 billion industry. Now, there is a further development, with the growth of mobile Esports.

It’s not surprising that Esports players are now more likely to participate in mobile-based tournaments than ever before. After all, throughout India, there are 1.2 billion mobile phone subscriptions and 12.3 billion apps were downloaded in 2018 alone. The Indian appetite for mobile devices has combined with a growing appetite for Esports.

The growth of mobile gaming in India

According to Statista, there were around 201 million users of mobile games in India in 2016. This figure is set to increase to around 370 million by 2022.

This means that more Esports enthusiasts are turning to mobile content. For instance, the hugely popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now a mainstay of mobile play. In 2019, around 40% of all Esports prize money in India was centered on PUBG MOBILE tournaments.

This rise in mobile use is common in all gaming environments. For instance, the casino games provider NetEnt provides casino game content that is user-friendly across all devices. The rise of mobile is set to continue throughout the gaming industry. So, what does this mean for Esports tournaments in the future?

A threat to PC only tournaments from mobile

The easy access to, and affordable cost of, mobile access means that mobile will continue to be prevalent in Esports in India and across the globe. This means that PC based competition is facing a serious threat to its existence. Games such as Dota 2 have experienced a significant decline in popularity as a result. This has led to them being dropped from several tournaments.

As the popularity of mobile content continues to increase, it’s unlikely that PC only Esport tournaments will continue to attract the sponsors that they need. They may still attract some financial support from within the gaming industry. However, mobile-based tournaments are more likely to attract new support from outside the industry which is vital to their growth. 

This will lead to an increase in the gap between prize money for mobile-based tournament play and PC based play. This makes it highly likely that more players will move towards competing using a mobile device. The more that players make this decision, the more PC only tournaments will come under threat.

In summary

The mobile industry has experienced huge growth in India. This growth has led to an increase in the number of Esports participants who prefer mobile play. The swing towards the use of mobile in Esports is a threat to PC only tournaments. These tournaments are likely to continue to experience problems with attracting sponsorship. As sponsorship levels reduce so Indian Esports stars will continue to move towards the use of mobile devices in order to stand a chance of winning the biggest prizes available in the Esports world.

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