Morata: “They’re already killing me”

After his Chelsea debut in the Community Shield final against Arsenal, Morata admits feeling the pressure of £70m move.

Alvaro Moarata who has been transferred from Real Madrid to Chelsea this summer made his debut against Arsenal as he was substituted in the second half in the Community Shield final. He has admitted that after he failed to impress in his debut game, critics have already started “killing him’. 


The Spanish international wasn’t at his best in his debut and he missed a penalty on top of that, which is why he is been criticized. But lad says he has now prepared for the criticism and he can bring success to Stanford Bridge.

What Morata has to say to the critics?

Chelsea has spent a big amount to bring Morata to Stanford Bridge and that’s why fans expect him to prove his worth.The defeat against gunners cost Chelsea a trophy. Even if Morata wasn’t the only one to miss the penalty, but he is still being criticized because of the price tag he was transferred with.


‘I admit it’s a very important amount (the fee) but I have the personality to play quietly and go my way,’ Morata told Marca.

‘I have only two pre-season games, 15 official minutes and a failed penalty [in the Community Shield’s loss to Arsenal] … and they’re already killing me, so I know what’s ahead.

‘It is the price that must be paid for such a large transfer. And it’s something that motivates me and makes me work harder every day, to spend an hour every day in the Sports City training. I know now twice as many people look at me’. This is what Moarata said when he was asked about the criticism he is facing.

Author’s take :

Morata made his debut as a substitute against gunners and he missed a penalty in the shootout, but he wasn’t the only one who missed the penalty and shouldn’t be judged till he actually gets a full-time game. Criticizing him based on his debut isn’t the right way to judge and the player is feeling pressure because of that. Hopefully, he player will prove his worth in the upcoming games by his abilities and the way he is supposed to perform. 

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