The Advice That Today’s Marc Marquez Would Give to 2013’s Marc Marquez


This year, Marquez will have to battle performance on his Repsol Honda bike and recovery from a career-threatening arm surgery to contend for his seventh MotoGP championship and to tie rival Valentino Rossi.

Many fans will see Marquez as the champion of the sport. Marquez is back in the MotoGP mountains after overcoming a spell of sudden injuries. Still, there are some things he would have liked to have done differently.  

“It’ll take two minutes,” he admitted to his GQ. “One was in 2013 and I say: “Really enjoy what comes your way”.

Marquez entered the premier class as the reigning Moto2 champion and won his first victory in 2013. He is the fourth rider to win in three categories, making him the youngest ever MotoGP champion at 20 years and 63 days.

The advice that today’s Marc Marquez would give to 2013’s Marc Marquez
The advice that today’s Marc Marquez would give to 2013’s Marc Marquez

Marquez’s intentions for 2023

“It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I want to tell him not to normalize that winning isn’t always normal,” Marquez said. He also regrets his final moments and he wants to consult a younger version of himself.

“Another moment was at Jerez when I got hurt. I waited two months at home, lost two months, but not two years.”  

His infamous 2020 crash ruptured Marquez’s humerus, exacerbating his double vision problem.

He unsuccessfully tried to heal his arm immediately after surgery and admits that decision caused a major setback in his overall recovery. 2021 and 2022 saw occasional highs but were mostly lost to injury. 2023 should be different. “My intention is to win and I am ready to do so to win. ” 

The advice that today’s Marc Marquez would give to 2013’s Marc Marquez
The advice that today’s Marc Marquez would give to 2013’s Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez on his personal life outside of MotoGP

Marquez is in contention for his seventh MotoGP championship in 2023 as he makes an impressive comeback after surgery on his arm forced him to retire from the sport last summer. The now 29-year-old told GQ of his incredible accomplishments: “Everything I thought I had when I started, came true before I turned 30.

“What I didn’t expect was the injury. I thought very little about my personal life. My goal was always to be a professional. Professionally, I will leave what I can do and what I earn, and personally, I would like to have a family, but it is not up to me. Today I am here in Madrid. I don’t know tomorrow or next year, but I want to live in the present.”

Marquez, now 29, is one of the oldest politicians in the MotoGP rider line-up for 2023. Márquez’s health has been under close scrutiny in recent years following a spate of injuries and surgeries.

Last summer, he underwent his fourth career-threatening arm surgery. His typical risk-taking style – the source of his popularity and success – may need to be toned down to protect his health. Marquez said of his conversation with his doctor: “You can either land on the podium or you can land on the floor.” 

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