MS Dhoni made a joke on Ranvir Singh wearing glasses like his daughter.

The tuning between MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team , and his beloved bubbly daughter Jeeva is not hidden from anyone. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen snapping on numerous occassions with his young daughter Jeeva . He never misses any chance sharing this fun with Jeeva on social media.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni shared photo of Jeeva and Ranveer Singh

In the same way, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has shared a very cute photo of daughter Jeeva in his Instagram account, which will also bring a smile on your face.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni has posted a photo of his daughter Jeeva and Bollywood star actor Ranveer Singh. In this photo, he has shown a similarity between Jeeva and Ranveer Singh.

Jeeva Dhoni with sunglasses similar to Ranveer Singh

It is seen that Ranvir Singh is wearing the same fashion and kind of goggles at an award ale beauty award show in Mumbai on Saturday just like Jeeva is wearing the googles.

MS Dhoni made a joke on Ranvir Singh wearing glasses like his daughter

In the photo posted by MS Dhoni. Jeeva and Ranveer Singh, are seen in the same glasses. In the caption, he even wrote that Jeeva had seen Ranveer’s picture. It turns out that she is wearing the same sunglasses as Ranveer.

There are tremendous Likes and comments coming on this post

As soon as he posted these pictures of Ranveer Singh and Jeeva, it became viral. Fans started to like and comment on it in large numbers. The post got an unbelievable engagement in a matter of minutes with over 3 lakh likes as well as over 6 thousand comments.

It was difficult for Ranveer Singh to remain silent on this. He too passed his comment and praised his fashion in a word. In this way, Dhoni definitely brought a smile on everyone’s face with this photo.

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