Must Watch: Felleini’s red card incident against Arsenal goes unnoticed

Last night’s Manchester United vs Arsenal had it all. The Red Devils bouncing back twice to equalize the score, defensive error by the Gunners, horrible mistake by David de Gea of all people and of course, Jose Mourinho’s usual grumpy post-match comments.

But in all the drama, let us not forget what Marouane Fellaini did. With the game evenly poised at 2-2, Manchester United’s savior was introduced in the 72nd minute of the game as Mourinho expected his “best player” to grab all the headlines once again.

Well, you can say Fellaini did grab all the headlines, but just not the way the Portuguese wanted him to. How? Just check this video: (And if you can record your reaction while watching it. It will be priceless!)

In the closing stages of the game, Arsenal’s youngster Mattéo Guendouzi tried to run past Fellaini in the midfield. Aah, a wrong call by a teenager who doesn’t know the Belgian’s abilities. Seeing that Guendouzi was running past him with ease, Fellaini LITERALLY grabbed the Frenchman’s hair in order to stop him. And the best part, the referee didn’t even signal it as foul, let alone showing a card to Manchester United player.

Now let us not be too harsh on Fellaini. This might be a new way invented by Mourinho in the training. Or, was he just feeling nostalgic about his old Afro hairstyle and decided to see how it felt like having long hair once again?

And you wonder why Jose loves him?

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