“NBA is a business,” Austin Reaves doubtless about leaving Los Angeles Lakers for financial gain


Austin Reaves has emerged as an important player for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. For March, the 24-year-old forward has been averaging 17.8 points per game and shooting an incredible 54.1% from the field. This is all happening while LeBron James is sidelined with an ankle injury.

The fact that he scored 35 points against the Magic on Monday, which was a career high for him, highlighted the enormous talent and court acumen that he possesses. Because Austin Reaves has done so well while playing for the Lakers, people are worried about what will happen when he becomes a free agent.

After having signed a deal in 2021 worth $2.5 million over two years, Austin Reaves will be eligible for restricted free agency following the 2022–2023 season. Because of this, the Los Angeles Lakers front office has to make tough decisions during the off-season, even though the team is already paying the luxury tax and the contracts of several players are about to expire.

“Anyone who disputes that we participate in the game to make money is lying. Recent comments made by Austin Reaves on Andre Iguodala’s podcast include: “I don’t care where it is; I just want to make as much money as I possibly can and have as much success as I possibly can.

Austin Reaves is well aware of the financially lucrative nature of the NBA, and he has made it abundantly clear that, regardless of where he plays, he intends to make the most money possible. Even though he has shown an interest in playing for the Lakers he is hesitant to give up the money that he will gain by doing so.

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Austin Reaves Has Presented a Compelling Argument in Favor of Possible Contract Extensions

"NBA is a business" : Austin Reaves says he will quit the Lakers for financial gain
“NBA is a business” : Austin Reaves says he will quit the Lakers for financial gain

This reminds me of what Alex Caruso went through with the Lakers just two years ago. Caruso garnered the favour of the fans despite not being selected in the draught and having a breakout season with the Lakers. Caruso left the Los Angeles Lakers because the team was unable to meet the terms of the deal the Chicago Bulls made with him.

As a result of his remarkable exploits, which have earned praise from across the league, Austin Reaves has presented a compelling argument in favor of possible contract extensions. Supporters of the Lakers have been effusive in their adulation of him. It would be prudent to keep an eye on his standing in the league going forward.

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in a position where they are subject to the luxury tax, and as a result, they have several players whose contracts are about to expire. This could force the team to make some hard choices about how to put together its team.

As the upcoming summer approaches, it will be important to keep a watch on Austin Reaves’ contractual position because a large number of teams are anticipated to make offers for the talented forward. The impressive things that Austin Reaves has done this season have demonstrated that he is a player who deserves attention, regardless of whether he continues to play for the Lakers or joins another team.

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