Charles Barkley Receives Criticism From Gilbert Arenas for Shooting Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving was key to the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant’s team’s 125–117 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The dynamic duo finished with 32 points between them, joining Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum of the Celtics as the only teammates in the league to have five games with at least 30 points during the regular season.

They have now gone nine games without suffering a defeat, which gives them the longest winning run of any team in the Eastern Conference and moves them up to third position in the conference standings after their most recent victory.

Despite the fact that NBA legend Charles Barkley has lately made some disparaging comments about the Brooklyn forward, it is quite evident that Durant deserves praise for everything he has done for the Nets so far this season.

Charles Barkley proceeded to criticise him by calling him “insecure” as their fight progressed. “Kevin is someone I really admire,” he stated. “In my perspective, he is an outstanding player,” Chuck continued. “I honestly believe that he’s a great guy, but there are times when I get the impression that he’s insecure.” When more experienced people like myself tell him that he needs to win a championship against a team other than the Golden State Warriors, it makes him angry. You see, he’s a basketball player.

Kevin Durant Is Not Known for Keeping Quiet in the Face of Comments

Charles Barkley Receives Criticism From Gilbert Arenas for Shooting Kevin Durant
Charles Barkley Receives Criticism From Gilbert Arenas for Shooting Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant is not known for keeping quiet in the face of comments of this nature because he is well-known for using burner identities to respond to haters and trolls on Twitter. He has become well known for this practise.

Charles Barkley was the same as everyone else. In response to the veteran’s comments, Durant referred to him as a “clown,” but that’s not all he said. Gilbert Arenas also joined in on the criticism of Barkley, which was directed at him.

Arenas called out Chuck for his hypocrisy when he said, “You’re talking crap about him for doing something that you did, too, on the platform you had.” “You did the exact same thing.”

You stood on a platform, and from that platform, you spoke like a raving lunatic. As an analogy, Dennis Rodman’s comments about James Harden’s clubbing come to mind when I say this: We don’t want to be taught. The more experienced guys sometimes fail to remember who they were when they were younger.

Durant Expressed His Displeasure With “All This SH*T”

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The beginnings of Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant’s long-standing competition
Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley’s spat got its start when Charles Barkley referred to Durant as “a bus driver.” This remark served as the impetus for their ongoing feud. The Hall of Famer, who had a very unfavourable view of Durant’s legacy, made a remark about the superstar’s desire to become “the person” by clinching the title of champion.

He remarked that in order for KD to gain all of the incredible respect from all of the old heads, he was going to have to win a championship as “the guy,” as the bus driver. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but that team Golden State already won a championship.

And he continued by saying, “That’s not an opinion.” However, until he becomes “the guy” on a successful team, we are not going to treat him with the respect that he probably deserves. However, the celebrity did not require the assistance of a representative in order to convey his messages. Kevin Durant responded to Charles Barkley’s comments with a tweet of his own as a form of retaliation.

In a tweet, Durant expressed his displeasure with “all this sh*t,” describing it as “another bad analogy from a nasty old brain that can’t accept that we’re making more bread than they are.” Chucky, you don’t have to detest the playa; it’s just a matter of timing. Given the long history of this disagreement, we find it hard to believe that it will be resolved anytime soon.

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