NBA News: Gilbert Arenas explains why the LA Lakers’ Russell Westbrook deal hasn’t worked out thus far

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NBA News: The 2021-22 Los Angeles Lakers have the potential to be one of the worst-assembled clubs in NBA history. Read the article for this NBA News.

They bought Russell Westbrook with the goal of forming a superteam. However, the Lakers have regressed and have been dealt a harsh reality check.

Gilbert Arenas, a former Washington Wizards star and NBA veteran, was recently interviewed on the ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast. Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy, and Adam Bernard ‘Pacman’ Jones co-starred with him.

Russell Westbrook, among other issues of discussion, remained a major topic of discussion, which Arenas addressed. Gilbert Arenas responded to LeSean McCoy’s question regarding the LA Lakers by sharing his opinions.

NBA News: Gilbert Arenas explains why the LA Lakers' Russell Westbrook deal hasn't worked out thus far
NBA News: Gilbert Arenas explains why the LA Lakers’ Russell Westbrook deal hasn’t worked out thus far

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Arenas stated,

“When you’re accustomed to being the number one receiver. It’s more like being any other position player right now if you become a third option receiver”. Now that you’re a third, your brain needs to figure out how to fit in. Just as when I recall you going there, you’re still the best choice.

“But now your third option on this squad is getting fewer receptions. Running the same routes you’re used to, and everyone’s like, ‘You ain’t doing what you’ve been doing,'”


The LA Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook in a deal with the Washington Wizards that included Kentavious Caldwell Pope, Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, and the 22nd overall choice in the 2021 Draft.

The Los Angeles Lakers were the only team that thought the deal would be a good fit. They thought it would help them achieve their goal of winning yet another title.

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NBA News: The Los Angeles Lakers’ Future

Throughout the season, fans and past players speculated about the Russell Westbrook-LA Lakers partnership. Westbrook’s predicament is a source of concern heading into the offseason.

The season has proved that Westbrooks Lakers loyalty has been nothing short of a devastating disaster for both sides, despite the nine-time NBA ‘All-Star’ having his moments.

The Los Angeles Lakers must try to move on from Westbrook this summer in order to get a capable ‘Center’ as well as great defenders. The Los Angeles Lakers would then be able to return LeBron James to the ‘point,’ where they had seen the most of their success.

The LA Lakers may very possibly challenge an NBA title again if the appropriate changes are made in the winter, as well as the rebirth of a healthy Anthony Davis.

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