“It wasn’t the same with Bron”- Gilbert Arenas opinionates the reason why NBA Players feared Kobe, MJ but not Lebron James


The debate about who should be considered the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT) has, for the most part, focused on Michael Jordan and LeBron James. 

Why?  Indeed, there are quite a few explanations for this.  Some people think it’s because Michael Jordan has six championship rings, whereas LeBron James only has four.  Some assert that it’s because he competed during a more difficult and older era.

When it comes to former and current players in the NBA, though, the conversation takes a very different turn. All of a sudden, we’re talking about a “fear factor” and how LeBron James doesn’t have one, in contrast to Michael Jordan, whom everyone seems to scurry away from.

In all seriousness, it’s difficult to fathom how a tiny 6’6″ man could instill the fear of god in other athletes, whereas a gigantic 6’9″ man wouldn’t be able to do the same thing. So, what exactly is going on in this location? Recent events have led to Gilbert Arenas taking the time to elaborate.

Michael Jordan brought a different style of play to the basketball court during his career in the National Basketball Association (NBA).  Yet, that does not come as much of a shock.

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Lebron James Has Been Missing Something That May Always Prevent Him From Being the GOAT

"King is a player who can do it all, so I'm not scared" : Gilbert Arenas discusses reason athletes feared Michael Jordan rather than LeBron James
“King is a player who can do it all, so I’m not scared” : Gilbert Arenas discusses reason athletes feared Michael Jordan rather than LeBron James

You talked trash to this man to the point where he felt compelled to pay you $60. And it is from this frame of mind, in the perspective of Gilbert Arenas, that fear originates. Here is what he had to say about the situation, as outlined below:

Did anyone feel threatened by the magic?  No.  Who could be afraid of Stockton or Malone?  Tim Duncan was not someone anyone feared.  Jordan was a source of terror.  As was feared by everyone.  They were terrified of Kobe.  James’s younger brother LeBron is a complete athlete.  “I’m not worried about a guy who’s going to give me 29/9/9, but I am terrified of a man who’s going to go for 60 if I’m not careful.”

All these years, that is exactly what LeBron James has been missing something that may always prevent him from genuinely being the GOAT, something that may always prevent him from being the best player ever.

An ankle injury that was initially feared to be quite serious has now forced LeBron James into the sidelines with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

However, as time went on, it was discovered that there was no structural damage and that the King would recover rather fast without the need for surgery.  This was determined as a result of the progression of events

That being said, there is not currently a definite schedule in place at this moment.  LeBron James is anticipated to return to the court this season, according to the scant information that is currently available.

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