Gilbert Arenas weighs in on Jaylen Brown’s future with Boston Celtics


In the year 2024, Jaylen Brown will be a free agent with no contractual obligations. There are already rumors circulating that he is unhappy with how the Celtics organization or the fans are currently treating him.

He went into additional detail about how certain Boston sports fans are toxic and prejudiced, and how they are pleased to pick out someone’s character after a loss last week.

Each one of these points is in the same general direction. The departure of Jaylen Brown from the Celtics via free agency serves as an illustration of this. Gilbert Arenas believes that that should be the option taken into consideration because he is more deserving than Boston.

Gilbert Arenas is quoted as saying that Jaylen Brown should be given a better opportunity than Boston. In a recent episode of Gil’s Arena, a former three-time All-Star who is aware that your organization does not want you spoke to Jaylen Brown and expressed support for the idea of him taking his talents outside of Boston.

This conversation took place after the former All-Star learned that your organization does not want you.

It will be interesting to see if the Celtics organization has any ambition to do better during the upcoming season when it comes to basketball. They do not have the financial resources to make it happen.

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Gilbert Arenas Said That Jaylen Brown Should Be Given a Better Opportunity Than Boston

Jaylen Brown Has Gilbert Arenas' Support Should He Choose to Go into Free Agency
Jaylen Brown Has Gilbert Arenas’ Support Should He Choose to Go into Free Agency

Jaylen Brown is going to have to wait until he is a free agent to be allowed a maximum contract. This is because he will soon close his $106 million deal in 2020. Because the Celtics almost made it public a few months ago that they were interested in making a trade involving Kevin Durant, Brad Stevens has a difficult job to do.

Jaylen Brown is aware that the Celtics came very close to acquiring KD through trade.
The player, who has averaged almost 27 points per game so far this season, is also dissatisfied with how the Boshouse was likely prepared to send him to the Brooklyn Nets in a trade for Kevin Durant if negotiations with them went well. The player has been scoring almost 27 points per game so far this season.

Recently, he made his point by bringing up Jayson Tatum and KD’s link, and as a result, they questioned the organization’s decision-making process.

Any team that has the ability to do so should try to get Kevin Durant, even if doing so requires giving up one of their younger superstars. Thus, it is incumbent on the administration of the Boston Celtics to make peace with Jaylen Brown before it is too late for them to do so.

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