Ja Morant tries replicating Michael Jordan’s “I’m Back” during a game after a gun incident


After having his second All-Star season in a row and helping the Grizzlies to yet another great season, Ja Morant should consider himself lucky that he missed just 9 games due to the gun scandal. Morant helped the Grizzlies to yet another successful season.

Since then, when he has returned to play, he has been capable enough to keep his team’s decent record (6-3) without him. Since then, when he has been back on the field, he has seemed good enough to keep his team’s good record. The 6’2″ point guard contributed 17 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and a block in a little over 23 minutes off the bench in Wednesday’s victory over the Rockets, which resulted in a score of 130-125 for the Trail Blazers.

On Friday, as they competed against the 18-56 team for the final time, Ja Morant Did mimics of Michael Jordan’s “I’m Back.” According to Tyler Jenkins and the latter, the two games against the Rockets were the ideal pair of games for Morant’s return to action. Ja Morant played in both of those games.

Ja Morant’s performance in the game, which included scoring 18 points in almost as many minutes as he played and dishing out eight assists, contributed to the swift conclusion of the contest.

After assisting Xavier Tillman in the second half, who gave the Grizzlies a 21-point lead with just over eight minutes left in the game, he made those prescient remarks and then went on to assist another player.

I really hope that this incredible comeback in the game and victory by a score of 151-114 won’t leave him with too much of a cloud on his mind. There is only one team known as the Rockets. Should this occur, it will undoubtedly weaken their argument.

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Ja Morant’s Comeback Is Not Comparable to Michael Jordan’s Comeback

Ja Morant "imitates" Michael Jordan's "I'm Back" during a game after a gun incident
Ja Morant “imitates” Michael Jordan’s “I’m Back” during a game after a gun incident

It would in no way be comparable to Michael Jordan’s comeback, in which the iconic Bulls star led his team to three titles in a row.

Hold on, this year might be just like the year that Michael Jordan returned to the NBA to play basketball. When Jordan did make a comeback just before the 1995 Playoffs, the Orlando Magic eliminated the Bulls in the conference semifinals. The Chicago Bulls had hoped to win it all upon Jordan’s return when he made his comeback.

The Grizzlies should be at their absolute best if they can make it to the conference semifinals, as they did the year before. It’s possible that their chances of advancing to the conference finals aren’t as good as they were the previous year.

In the last match, Ja Morant’s injury was the reason why it didn’t happen, but in this match, it’s possible that his actions off the court are the cause.

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