Jason Kidd left red-faced by the Dallas Mavericks gameplay at halftime against Charlotte Hornets


It was a humiliating loss for the Dallas Mavericks, as the Charlotte Hornets defeated them by a score of 118-108 on Friday night. The Mavericks’ head coach, Jason Kidd, was not thrilled with how his team performed in the game because his team was outplayed in every element of the competition, including shooting, rebounding, and defence.

After the game, Jason Kidd, who succeeded Rick Carlisle as head coach of the Dallas Mavericks after Carlisle stepped down to pursue other opportunities, spoke to the media and did not hold back. With some language that is not appropriate for work or school settings, he referred to the performance of his team as “dog sh*t” and “embarrassing.”

Jason Kidd made a frank observation on the performance, saying, “We were dog shite tonight. We didn’t play aggressively at all. There was no competition between us. We didn’t take turns dividing up the ball. Nothing that any of us did was acceptable. It was an embarrassing situation. Jason Kidd criticized the lack of effort and vigor displayed by his players, saying that they appeared to be “sleepwalking” and that they lacked self-respect and dignity in either themselves or the team.

Jason Kidd is quoted as saying, “We have to question ourselves by staring in the mirror if we want to play this game.” In that case, we ought to just remain at our house. Taking into account the fact that this is not acceptable, You shouldn’t act like this when you’re representing the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks had just won a thrilling game against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night, 112-111, putting a stop to the Suns’ 18-game winning streak and handing them their first loss since October 27.

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Dynamic Duo of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis of the Dallas Mavericks Underperformed

"It's Embarrassing" : Jason Kidd is unsatisfied with Dallas Mavericks Play in the first half against Charlotte
“It’s Embarrassing” : Jason Kidd is unsatisfied with Dallas Mavericks Play in the first half against Charlotte

The Dallas Mavericks had a horrible shooting performance, as seen by the fact that they allowed the Hornets to shoot 50% from the field and 28.6% from beyond the arc. The Mavericks were also outscored in the paint by a score of 60-38 and outrebounded by a margin of 51-40.

The dynamic duo of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis of the Dallas Mavericks underperformed, scoring a total of just 35 points between them on 13 of 36 shots from the field. Doncic was ejected from the game with 3 minutes and 23 seconds remaining despite having 18 points, seven rebounds, and six assists. In addition, he committed six turnovers. Porzingis finished with a minus-19 plus/minus rating despite the fact that he had 17 points and 9 rebounds. He also missed nine of his 14 shots from the field.

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On the other hand, the Hornets had six different players score in the double digits, with Terry Rozier and Miles Bridges each contributing 28 and 26 points, respectively, to the team total. In addition, LaMelo Ball produced 14 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists, while Cody Martin, Kelly Oubre Jr., and PJ Washington each contributed 13 points. LaMelo Ball had nine rebounds and eight assists.

The Hornets played with more ferocity and fury than the Mavs did when they shattered the boards, hustled for loose balls, and ran the floor. They had a 19-9 advantage against the Dallas Mavericks in points scored on second chances, while they outscored the Mavs 23-8 in points scored on fast breaks.

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