“COME ON Lebron James, WEST is begging to be won,” Skip Bayless decides on ENCOURAGING the KING to come back


The Los Angeles Lakers have at long last achieved their desired level of success. Since the 25th of January of the previous year, they have not held that record.

It is merely a coincidence that LeBron James suffered an injury at the same time. Despite being written off this year, they still have a shot at making the playoffs for the first time in the past two years with eight games left in the season.

Although they may maintain their position in the play-in slots, the team has made great progress since it was in 13th place just a few short months ago. A longtime opponent of the Los Angeles Lakers, Skip Bayless has suddenly declared his “passion” for the club and their dogged pursuit of a postseason spot.

When LeBron James is sidelined, all of this will go away. During the time that he was a part of the New Look team, it seemed as though they were a formidable adversary. These guys still have a shot at it, even though there have been a few hiccups here and there. When Skip Bayless cheers for the opposing team, it must be time for him to throw in the towel.

It appeared at one point in the fourth quarter, with time running short, that Shai Gilgeous Alexander might take the game from the Lakers, with the score tied at 105-105. Both OKC and the purple and gold entered the game with the same record (37-33) and were competing with each other for the last available spot in the playoffs.

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Skip Bayless Is Patiently Waiting for Lebron James to Return

"COME ON Lebron James, WEST is begging to be won" :  Skip Bayless encourages the KING to come back
“COME ON Lebron James, WEST is begging to be won” : Skip Bayless encourages the KING to come back

The Mavericks were in free fall after their previous game, which they played immediately before this one and lost to the Charlotte Hornets. They dropped to position 11, barely in front of the teams that would compete in the play-in round. If Skip Bayless is thinking about all the different ways he might criticise Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, he must be drooling right now.

Even though his favourite club, the San Antonio Spurs, is no longer in the running for the championship, the fact that any other Texas team is eliminated from contention makes him delighted.

Now that he has other targets, he can move on from trying to discredit Russell Westbrook, which had become old hat. If not to prove Skip Bayless wrong, then at least to sate his curiosity, LeBron James must be itching to get back on the court after watching the game from the bench.

Even though LeBron James is considered to be the most clutch player in the NBA, Skip Bayless has always preferred having possession of the ball in the waning seconds of a contest. OKC got a taste of what they could have had tonight thanks to Dennis Schroeder’s performance. Anthony Davis had a fantastic game, scoring 37 points on 15 shots and having a total of 15 attempts.

Because there is no set timetable for LeBron James’ return, the 17-time champions need to keep their attention on winning each game. Their season has reached its climax, and they cannot afford to make any blunders at this point in the game.

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