Michael Jordan once worked all night in an attempt to recoup his losses of $500,000


One of the best athletes of all time is Michael Jordan. The man accomplished a great deal while playing in the NBA. Six NBA titles, six MVPs of the Finals, five MVPs in the regular season, and a DPOY All the while, he made about $93 million in his career.

Nonetheless, $93 million pales in comparison to the enormous wealth that MJ has amassed. Michael Jordan is one of the wealthiest athletes in the world, with a net worth of $2 billion. What does he buy with his money, then?

The Hall of Famer, though, has many mansions, expensive automobiles, and much more.  Yet gambling was one of his more costly and unhealthy vices.  In fact, His Airness once lost $500,000 at a poker table before winning it back and earning an additional $600,000.

Everything that matters to Michael Jordan is success.  The legendary Chicago Bulls player was and continues to be a fiercely competitive individual obsessed with winning.His success in winning championships and his general success as a person are examples of this.

That was beneficial in many ways. He became great because of his will to succeed. Nevertheless, when you combine that competitiveness with a harmful habit like gambling, horrible things can happen. And, sadly for Michael Jordan, they succeeded.

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Michael Jordan once placed a $20 wager on a game of quarter-pitching

Michael Jordan once worked all night in an attempt to recoup his losses of $500,000
Michael Jordan once worked all night in an attempt to recoup his losses of $500,000

When he was a player, Michael frequently gambled. According to Roland Lazenby’s book “Michael Jordan: The Biography,” His Airness once travelled to a casino in Connecticut and played a table game where he lost $500,000 at one point. Because MJ is a fiercely competitive person, he insisted on staying until he got his money back. He waited all night and not only got his money back, but he also won an additional $600,000.

“Leahy’s running chronicle of the comeback tracked Michael Jordan down at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun casino the night before a game during exhibition season in late October. Jordan, who was down $500,000 at the tables, waited until the sun came up and won his money back plus around $600,000 more, all the time being unaware that Leahy was giving readers back in DC a live play-by-play of the event.

It’s fair to argue that Michael Jordan was fortunate in this instance. Yet whatever the reason a pastime, a gambling addiction, or just plain old rivalry the GOAT was constantly eager to up the stakes.

Michael used to gamble on even the most trivial of events, such as pitching quarters.
One thing is certain, regardless of whether he calls it a hobby or a problem. Michael Jordan cherished wagering and raising the bar. Jordan would bet on whatever it was if it could be done. In fact, MJ once placed a $20 wager on a game of quarter-pitching against a member of his security crew.

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