NBA Flashback: “Write your history,” Michael Jordan was certain about Dwyane Wade writing his legacy


Dwyane Wade will be a first-ballot selection for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame this year. If he hadn’t sustained those untimely injuries, he might have gone on to leave an even more impressive legacy.

Before entering the NBA as a potential prospect, Wade spent three years playing college basketball at Marquette University. The nickname “The Flash” was given to him as a result of the extraordinary athleticism and grace with which he played on the court.

Dwayne Wade a.k.a. D-Wade topped all rookies in his class to have the best seasons, and he was instrumental in Miami’s victory in a postseason contest. It is possible that he would have won the NBA championship in 2005 had it not been for an injury that changed the result of their Conference Finals series.

Wade did not back down, and as a result, the Heat were able to defeat Dallas 4-2 in their third season under his leadership. His effort in the Finals earned him the title of Most Valuable Player. It was one of the top five Finals performances of all time. By 2010, he was considered to be among the three best players in the National Basketball Association, along with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Michael Jordan was a strong advocate for Dwyane Wade to win Most Valuable Player at the All-Star Game. In a break with custom, the National Basketball Association moved its All-Star weekend festivities to a football dome in 2010. For the course of the whole weekend, every one of the massive stadium’s 110,000 seats was occupied.

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NBA Flashback: Michael Jordan Threw Down the Gauntlet to Dwyane Wade for Winning MVP at the All-Star Game 2010 
NBA Flashback: Michael Jordan Threw Down the Gauntlet to Dwyane Wade for Winning MVP at the All-Star Game 2010 

Michael Jordan, who was present at the celebrations for the sixth time, was introduced to Dwyane Wade and his family before the start of the game. D-Wade asserted that MJ had a message for him and that it was as follows:

He gave me only the instruction to go and get it. When my family and I had an All-Star party in Dallas on the weekend of the All-Star game, Jordan and the rest of my family were there. Jordan had never met my family before. We have decided to spend the holidays with the Jordan family because Jordan gets along so well with everyone.

As we carried on with our conversation, he put his arm around me and said something to me: “Get it tomorrow if you can. The fact that he only stated that left me thinking, “What exactly is he talking about?”

He confirmed this by saying, “Yes, I want you to go grab that.”

“I didn’t fully comprehend what he meant until I got out onto the floor and into the locker room where we were changing. He was telling everyone to go get that MVP. He intended to say, “Get forth out there and write your history.”

Michael Jordan, impressed by Dwyane Wade’s exceptionally athletic slicing abilities, recommended him to Jordan Brand, which ultimately led to Wade’s rookie contract with the company.

This decision paid off handsomely for him throughout the first seven years of his professional life. The years that Dwyane Wade spent playing for Nike while also wearing a personal pair of Air Jordans were among the most successful of his whole career.

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