NBA News: NBA Analyst Criticizes Jeff Van Gundy for His Statement on the Brawl Involving the Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors continue to dominate talk in the NBA as the regular season approaches. They just won the championship last season, but now they must start their reign as champions under a shadow.

Many people are unsure about the team’s ability to come together in the days that follow the physical incident between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. While some believe the two will never be able to get past this, others believe it will pass fast.

Colin Cowherd of FS1 discussed it on a recent episode of “The Colin Cowherd Podcast.” These things don’t happen frequently, according to a recent statement by Jeff Van Gundy. Cowherd recalled an incident involving the former coach:

“It just doesn’t happen very frequently, Jeff Van Gundy stated in an open forum. And it’s extremely amusing how ironic Jeff Van Gundy’s statement is. My only coaching recollection of Jeff Van Gundy is him fighting and gripping a player’s leg at the base of a scrum. Things like these never occur. That’s the only thing I can recall about Jeff.”

Do incidents like the one during the Warriors’ practice occur more frequently than we realize?

NBA analyst criticizes Jeff Van Gundy for his statement on the brawl involving the Warriors
NBA analyst criticizes Jeff Van Gundy for his statement on the brawl involving the Warriors

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It’s surprising that Jeff Van Gundy said that given how long he’s been involved with the sport. It is reasonable to suppose that situations like these do occur, even if they might not always be to the same extent as what occurred during the Warrior’s practice.

The NBA has some of the best players in the world and features the highest level of basketball competition. It’s conceivable that people occasionally let their emotions get the better of them given how motivated and competitive all these guys are.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr is one person who is all too familiar with scrums like these. He was involved in possibly the most famous practice brawl in NBA history in addition to braving the current storm for his team.

One of the fiercest competitors to ever step foot on an NBA court is Michael Jordan. He lost his cool during a Chicago Bulls practice and got into a physical argument with Kerr, much as Draymond Green did.

The two were able to get past what had occurred and even developed a fresh appreciation for one another. The Warriors should be able to get past their hard stretch if Jordan’s Bulls, a great dynasty, could do it.

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