NBA News: Russell Westbrook, according to Shaquille O’Neal, was too modest with LeBron James

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Russell Westbrook will likely remain with the LA Lakers for the upcoming campaign. All summer long they sought to trade him but couldn’t find a good package. Many think that if Westbrook is on the Lakers, they will struggle once more.

Shaquille O’Neal, a former player with the Lakers, supports Westbrook, nonetheless. Shaq recently discussed the reasons why Westbrook struggled in his first season in Los Angeles.

He said that Westbrook’s demeanor toward LeBron James was inappropriate. O’Neal thinks that the former MVP playing uninhibitedly will help him regain his best form.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN is skeptical about the pairing of Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook in the backcourt. Although they have a history of animosity, the two appeared to be getting along during the LA Lakers’ opening press conference.

Shaquille O’Neal claimed that Russell Westbrook was too humble with LeBron James

Russell Westbrook, according to Shaquille O'Neal, was too modest with LeBron James
Russell Westbrook, according to Shaquille O’Neal, was too modest with LeBron James

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Last season, Russell Westbrook’s rookie year with the Los Angeles Lakers was lackluster. He made 44% of his shots, averaging 18/7/7. For many players in the league, these are impressive figures, but not for Westbrook.

Shaquille O’Neal thinks that Westbrook showed his co-stars too much respect. Shaq stated in an interview with Dime Magazine: “I just thought he was showing too much deference. I say this with respect.

This year, according to an NBA analyst, the LA Lakers will be a “performing act.”

There is no denying that the addition of Patrick Beverley to the Lakers roster is a huge improvement, but there are still questions about how well Westbrook and Beverley can complement one another.

Beverley’s first news conference and subsequent interviews with Darvin Ham seem to indicate that the two players have put their problems behind them, but ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has a different opinion:

This year, the Lakers will definitely be a show act. We are aware that Beverley and Russell Westbrook don’t get along. Last year, Beverly made the best of her situation and obtained a contract extension. He’ll treat the Lakers exactly the same way.

Ric Bucher of Fox Sports reports that NBA execs and scouts believe that Westbrook’s potential can only be fully realized if the Lakers start him off the bench. LeBron James, Patrick Beverley, and Kendrick Nunn are vying for the role of point guard, thus the Lakers may benefit from having Westbrook manage the second unit.

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