“Beat your as*, Michael Jordan,”: Shaquille O’Neal shares Isiah Thomas’ video where he names the legends he bettered


Shaquille O’Neal has been posting regular updates on his Instagram account, in which he discusses the things that trigger particular emotions in him. As a result, there are very few things that provide a more insightful look into the mind of the 7-footer than that does.

If you assume that the only thing Shaquille O’Neal blogs about on his blog is his time spent in the NBA, you couldn’t be more wrong. Shaq blogs about a wide variety of topics.

On the contrary, Because they cover such a wide range of issues, reading this man’s posts will leave you feeling more confused than a homeless person who has been placed under house arrest. Even more hypocritically, he insulted Jake Paul about the most recent crypto scandal he was involved in.

Yet, we are not here to listen to one of those stories. This is not the case at all; rather, it is yet another basketball anecdote, and it is clear that Shaquille O’Neal finds it particularly entertaining.

Isiah Thomas has long been regarded as something of a pariah within the community of NBA greats because of the widespread contempt in which he is held by his peers. You can’t expect people to admire you if you continue to win against your competitors, especially if they’ve been playing too aggressively and winning championships as a result.

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What Kind of Impact Did Isiah Thomas’ Comments Have On Shaquille O’Neal?

"I beat you, Michael Jordan" : Isiah Thomas is Surprisingly Supported By Shaquille O’Neal
“I beat you, Michael Jordan” : Isiah Thomas is Surprisingly Supported By Shaquille O’Neal

But, over time, it has likely become excessive in certain ways. Although everyone acknowledges that he is one of the best of all time, for some reason his name is never brought up when discussing rankings of any kind.

Because of this, many of the man’s coworkers tend to view him as being significantly lower on the totem pole than they do. On the other hand, Thomas recently made the decision to divulge some significant data, which can be seen in the Instagram post that is presented further down in this paragraph.

What kind of response did Shaquille O’Neal give to this? Nevertheless, the problem is that he is expected to have a positive relationship with Jordan, Johnson, and Bird. Hence, you should not automatically assume that he agrees wholeheartedly with this remark. On the other hand, it seems that things are rather distinct from what they appear to be in reality.

As was mentioned earlier, Shaquille O’Neal was encouraging and helpful throughout the whole ordeal. It is not clear why Shaquille O’Neal would side with Thomas rather than with his pals in this situation.

But, since his position as the most dominant player in the history of the sport has recently come into question, it’s possible that he now understands how the Pistons icon feels.

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