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NBA news: Unvaccinated players ineligible to travel to Canada and face Toronto Raptors

NBA players would be barred from playing the Raptors, post January 15 if they are unvaccinated, as per the new rules stated by the government


NBA news: NBA players will now have to be fully vaccinated in order to play in Canada. This comes after the Canadian government’s announcement that only fully vaccinated players would be allowed to play in the country starting January 15.

The country had strict restrictions in place even before the start of the season. However, this new rule will be a big bummer for many players as not everyone have received all doses.

Several NBA players had shown their disinterest in taking the vaccine before the season started.

But states like New York and San Francisco made it compulsory for players to be vaccinated, following which many decided to get jabbed.

Warrior fans in attendance during an NBA game

This new rule means that only players who are fully vaccinated will be able to play in Toronto, which is the home of the Toronto Raptors. Speaking about the new rule, Shams Charania tweeted on his official handle that:

“Beginning Jan. 15, any NBA player who is not fully vaccinated will be unable to enter Canada to play games in Toronto. Canadian government will require all individuals entering Canada to be fully vaccinated.”

The NBA has recently seen an increase in the number of Covid cases. Joel Embiid, Jaylen Brown and Coby White are stars, who have recently fallen to the deadly virus. This new rule set by the Canadian government is certainly to control the spread of the virus that has killed almost millions globally.

NBA news: Players have shown resentment to the vaccine and Covid protocols

The NBA is home to some of the biggest basketball players in the world. There are millions of fans that closely follow the sport. The pandemic had affected the world of basketball, but slowly things started to resume and fans made their way back into the stadiums. However, this is a big responsibility, as the virus had not disappeared and some restrictions still needed to be in place for the prevention of Covid.

A few states mandated vaccine protocols and the NBA had no other option, but to support this decision as it was taken for the safety of many. This caused many debates as many-sided the rights of the players, while the rest supported the league.

Players like Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal and Andrew Wiggins all expressed their opinion on the situation, but in the end, the league stuck by the state mandates.

Kyrie Irving faced a lot of heat for his decision to stay unvaccinated as this meant that he could not play in home games. He was later subsequently asked to get vaccinated if he wanted to play for the Nets, as they did not want someone who would be a part-time player. His absence has, however, not caused any problem to them as they sit at the top of the Eastern Conference.

NBA news: Why should players follow these protocols ?

NBA has been very strict with its Health and Safety Protocols. This only makes sense as it was one of the big reasons that there were no positive tests in the Orlando bubble. However, NBA players have grown to resent these protocols and have called them out in the media several times. This is not great news for the league as all of its preparation to conduct games safely goes for a toss then.

The league has had the joy of having fans back and things seem to be normal now. These rules will be a bit tough to follow for a few players. However, NBA is nothing without its fans. If by following these rules, fans can keep coming to games then the players should definitely follow the protocols.


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