NBA predictions for 2022–2023: recommendations for Teams


Recommendations for Team Turmoil, Team Turnaround. Every NBA season is full of drama and surprises. Campaign 2022–2023 won’t be any different.

The LA Clippers are hopeful that the return of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to full health will help them regain their status as serious contenders.

The Brooklyn Nets’ season may be hampered by Kevin Durant’s trade request, but if he and Kyrie Irving stay in Brooklyn and play with a healthy Ben Simmons, they may have their best playoff run ever.

As LeBron James approaches the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and is expected to break the league’s all-time scoring record this year, his future will be one of the greatest issues in the NBA.

Turnaround projection concentrates on the teams most likely to improve or recover from last season’s underperformance in 2022–23.

Leonard and George missed a lot of time last season

NBA predictions for 2022–2023: recommendations for Teams

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Leonard and George missed a lot of time last season due to injuries, which prevented the Clippers from making the playoffs, but they top this list since they are anticipated to recover and support the team in its bid for the NBA championship.

The Portland Trail Blazers are the next team

The Portland Trail Blazers are the next team, coming in second place after having their worst season since 2004-2005. The extension of franchise legend Damian Lillard and the free-agent additions of Shaedon Sharpe and Jerami Grant should make Portland much more competitive this season.

1. LA Clippers: 61 points

2. Portland Trail Blazers: 18 points

T-3. Minnesota Timberwolves: 15 points

T-3. New Orleans Pelicans: 15 points

T-5. Atlanta Hawks: 11 points

T-5. Sacramento Kings: 11 points

T-7. Detroit Pistons: 9 points

T-7: Los Angeles Lakers: 9 points

9. New York Knicks: 4 points

T-10. Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 points

T-10. Philadelphia 76ers: 3 points

Which teams are anticipated to be surrounded by the most controversy this season? That is the focus of our Team Turmoil prediction.

The Nets take the top slot because Irving, who wants to stay in Brooklyn, has brought a lot of drama of his own to the team over the past three seasons, and because Durant’s trade request is still pending.

Russell Westbrook is expected to return to the Lakers in a significant role after being an offensive liability last season, which might cause even more turbulence for the squad following a poor previous campaign.

1. Brooklyn Nets68 points

2. Los Angeles Lakers: 49 points

3. Utah Jazz: 14 points

4. Philadelphia 76ers: 11 points

T-5. Charlotte Hornets: 6 points

T-5. New York Knicks6 points

7. Minnesota Timberwolves3 points

8. Phoenix Suns: 2 points

T-9. Chicago Bulls: 1 point

T-9. Houston Rockets: 1 point

T-9. LA Clippers: 1 point

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