NBA Rumors : Stephen Curry said he wants to win in 2022. He doesn’t want to win titles with Kevin Durant


Stephen Curry made a funny reference to his “ugly sobbing” from Game 6 while discussing what the 2022 championship meant to him. One of the best guards in the league is Stephen Curry. The GSW leader managed to reinvent modern basketball with the way he threw up three-pointers despite being quite tiny. Being the shooting GOAT, Steph has established himself as one of the most accomplished players in history.

Chef Curry got a lot of flak in the years leading up to the 2022 finals because he didn’t have the coveted Finals MVP trophy in his ridiculously full trophy collection. The Baby-Faced Assassin had had enough of the continuous criticism after hearing it year after year.

After the Warriors finished with some terrible performances in 2020 and 2021, Curry went on to lead his club to the 2022 championship. Steph kept playing and won the Bill Russell Most Valuable Player award after averaging a crazy 31.2/6/5. This is presumably the reason SC30 chose this title over the two titles he shared with Kevin Durant.

NBA Rumors : After Game 6, Stephen Curry said

NBA Rumors : Stephen Curry said he wants to win in 2022
NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry said he wants to win in 2022. He doesn’t want to win titles with Kevin Durant

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 "That raw feeling kind of communicates how much this meant to me."  The 6-foot-3 sly guard recently spoke with host Ashley Nicole Moss on Sports Illustrated's "This or That" programme on how the 2022 championship would be unique. Bringing up Steph's "ugly tears" in Game 6's final moments, the 3-point king continued:

As Curry remarked, “You don’t see me sobbing on the court for no reason. This meant a lot to me and our team, as evidenced by the raw emotion that surfaced following Game 6.

The eight-time All-Star later talked with Kevin Durant about how much each of his four championships meant to him. In the end, he decided that he would rather win his most recent title than win back-to-back titles. When it comes to the first task, you don’t fully understand what you’re doing until you do it, at which point you celebrate.

The following two were an attempt at champion-maintenance validation. But after the three years before and that win, it was without a doubt the most memorable. Curry answered, “No, I want this one. Give me this one all day, every day instead.

One of Steph’s most amazing achievements in his career

Recently durant said

One of Steph’s most amazing achievements in his lengthy career must be winning the 2022 championship after everything the Warriors went through in 2020 and 2021 and how everyone wrote them off.

At one point during the contest, Moss questioned the Warriors star about if he concurred with Draymond Green’s claim that this year’s championship meant more than any of the other four because of the effort it required to get there. Curry concurred with his teammate, even saying that if the victory didn’t mean all that much to him, he wouldn’t “ugly cry” on the floor.

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