New cricket rules introduced: Aggressive players in trouble

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game but often incidents happen on field which violate the very motive of the game. Keeping this into consideration, ICC has decided to bring in certain changes in the current rules. An official announcement has been made regarding the new cricket rules and it will kick off from 28th of September.

Let’s have a look into the new rules introduced by ICC for the upcoming matches.

1. Players’ Conduct:

Aggression is required in a game but expressing it beyond limits is offensive. So ICC has given the on-field umpires the privilege to send the player off the field for few minutes or for rest of the match depending on the offensive level which has been categorized into 4 levels.

New cricket rulw allows umpire to send players off the field

2. Revised bat sizes:

Restrictions have been put up on the bat sizes. Thickness of the edge cannot exceed 40mm, and the depth of the bat must not exceed 67mm at any point. Gauges will be provided to umpires to check the dimensions.

3. New run-out rules:

If the batsman/batswoman is air-borne while diving and a part of the bat has crossed the crease, the player shall be considered as not out. This could bring in a new revolution in the upcoming matches as we have seen many instances where great players have been run-out in similar fashion.

4. Acrobatics near the rope not allowed:

We have often seen, rather enjoyed fielders taking some spectacular catches near the ropes. But with the current rule, doing so could cost the fielding team 6 runs. Yes, astonishing but true.  A fielder making contact with the ball must be standing within the ropes or his or her last contact should be within the ropes before catching the ball.

New rule for boundary catches as well.

5. Helmet no more an obstruction:

If a batsman is dismissed (run-out or stumped) after hitting the helmet of keeper or a fielder, it is considered as a legal dismissal. This was not the case previously.

6. Alteration in DRS protocol:

This is a big news as teams will not lose their review if the result given by TV umpire is “Umpire’s Call”. This is applicable for all formats. DRS will now be introduced in T20I for the first time.

7. Revised No-ball rules:

If the ball bounces more than once before the batsman strikes the ball, it will be considered as No-ball. Any extras(leg-byes and byes) which is scored off a no-ball will be scored separately. A bowler who deliberately bowls a no-ball by over stepping shall not be allowed to bowl for rest of the innings and this will also be considered under “Unfair Play” act.

8. A rule for bails as well:

ICC has given the privilege for the countries to tether bails with the stumps to avoid the wicket-keeper from being injured. One instance where a wicket-keeper was seriously injured was Mark Boucher getting hit by the bails on his eye. Consequently, the star keeper had to retire from his cricketing career.

Author’s Take:

The revised rules for all formats is certain to bring in dynamic changes on field. Umpires gaining more powers will now truncate the players’ arrogance on the field. This move by ICC is appreciable and will help in maintaining the dignity of the game. Hope these rules make the game of cricket even better.

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