Paris Saint-Germain News: Ramos to miss the clash of giants


Paris Saint-Germain News: Tuesday night will see the comeback of the Champions League after a halt of almost two months. Real Madrid will visit ‘Parc des Princes’ to play against Paris Saint Germain in the first leg of the Champions League Round-of-16. Also, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City will travel to the Western Iberian Peninsula in Portugal. They will face Sporting CP in their first leg.

PSG versus Real Madrid will be a great match. Fans are gonna have a lot of expectations from both sides. With Leo Messi facing his former LaLiga rivals in the PSG shirt for the first time, the match is already over-hyped by the fans.

Fans were also excited about Sergio Ramos playing against his former club. Ramos was a member of Real Madrid for the past 16 years and the fans were eager to see him play against his former club.

Both the Real Madrid and PSG fans will be disappointed as Sergio Ramos is ruled out for Tuesday night’s clash with Real Madrid. The 35-year-old defender is suffering from a calf injury and will have to miss the first leg of the PSG versus Real Madrid battle.

PSG versus Real Madrid: Ramos to miss the clash of giants
PSG versus Real Madrid: Ramos to miss the clash of giants

Paris Saint-Germain News: Ramos did not receive a farewell from Madrid

When PSG drew Real Madrid back in December, Sergio Ramos said that it would be an emotional reunion for him. The ex-Bernabeu captain never received a farewell like other club legends because of COVID restrictions. 

“You know the affection and love I have for Real Madrid but now it’s my turn to defend PSG and I’ll do everything possible to do it. It’s the team that bet on me. I’m going to die for PSG,” Ramos said when asked about his feelings about facing his former club.

With his injury, Ramos will not be able to play in the first leg. The Spaniard will get another chance to play them in his previous home at Santiago Bernabeu. PSG will travel to Madrid for the second leg.

It has been a season of difficulties for the defender, as he has only played under Pochettino five times. Sergio Ramos arrived at the Parc des Princes last summer after rejecting the offer to sign a new contract with Real Madrid to sign with PSG.

PSG will miss the service of the defender on Tuesday night

Apart from Ramos, it will be emotional enough for Leo Messi, too. Messi will be facing his former LaLiga rivals in the Round of-16. Fans were already excited to see both Ramos and Messi unite and play against Madrid, but Ramos’ injury means they will have to wait.

Mauricio Pochettino realizes that the absence of Ramos will affect PSG’s chances. He has also mentioned in a press conference that Real Madrid is the favorite to win the match.

Real Madrid will be looking to advance to the Quarter Finals. The club has won the most number of Champions League trophies in history. Real Madrid has won a total of 13 UEFA Champions League trophies and PSG is still looking to win their first. PSG reached the finals in 2020, but they were beaten by Bayern Munich 1-0.

The match is already very hyped with the star-studded lineup of PSG facing the strong midfield of Real Madrid. PSG will look to play their best possible team, but Ramos will be out due to injury. It will be a tough replacement to find for Pochettino and his men.

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