Player reports corrupt practice in IPL; BCCI Anti-corruption unit begins investigation

The match-fixing or corrupt approach is an illegal practice in the gentleman’s game. Incidents of players allegedly involved in match-fixing allegations in the domestic cricket tournaments as IPL are many.

Two seasons ago, Bangladesh cricketer Shakib-Al-Hasan failed to report corrupt approaches. The star all-rounder received a two-year suspension by the global cricket body, International Cricket Council.

Shakib-Al-Hasan’s real-life incident served as a timely idea for the youngsters to report the incident immediately. In shocking news to the entire cricket fraternity, a player has reported a corrupt approach in the ongoing edition of the IPL.

BCCI Anti Corruption Unit chief confirmed the news. As soon as the news of match-fixing broke out, fans took to social media to chip in with opinions. BCCI ACU chief Ajit Singh said that the investigation is currently underway.

A player in IPL has reported approach: Ajit Singh

Player reports corrupt practice in IPL; BCCI Anti-corruption unit begins investigation

The ongoing season of the IPL is happening in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi respectively. “Yes (a player has reported approach),” Singh told news agency PTI.

Former DGP of Rajasthan Police said that the suspect is on the run and they are tracking him. He also added that it will take some time to find out the culprit. “We are tracking him. It will take some time,” he said.

Player’s name not revealed

According to anti-corruption protocols, the player’s name is not revealed for confidential reasons. “The company’s Fraud Detecting System (FDS) monitors odds in the markets of over 600 bookmakers.”

“These bookmakers are of different kinds, from different countries, different regions, including the so-called grey market or the illegal operators,” Tom Mace, who chairs Sportradar’s global operations told.

“The best part is that the player who was approached immediately sensed that something is fishy. He had a suspicion and he immediately shared his concerns with the ACU. “

“Every player, even those who have come from the U-19s are well aware of each and every anti-corruption protocols,” a top BCCI official told PTI.

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