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Pochettino comes out with surprising comments on Mourinho ahead of crucial clash

Spurs’ coach Mauricio Pochettino has showered his noble feelings for the manager of Red Devils at a crucial juncture.

Old Trafford would witness the most awaited and crucial clash of the Spurs and the Red Devils. While the former is excited to continue with its winning spree, the latter is equally desperate to register a consolation win after the last match’s shocking defeat.

Ahead of this encounter, the Tottenham coach, Mauricio Pochettino has taken everyone by surprise by hailing Mourinho as one of the inspirational managers ever known.

It is reported that Mourinho and Pochettino have been good friends ever since Pochettino’s association with Espanyol.

Although the Portuguese coach is under immense pressure ahead of the Tottenham clash after losing to Brighton and the numerous criticisms lashed following that, Pochettino is firm on his belief.

The Tottenham coach claims that he is indeed an inspiration for other young managers and is remarkable for his managerial skills at crucial times.

He further added that a person’s journey is always lined with ups and downs and one bad day cannot determine one’s overall character. He has high respects for his good, old friend and also for the club owned by the same.

For every single manager who is younger than him, he was an inspiration, Pochettino said, “Of course. I took a lot of things from him. So many things. He is an unbelievable manager.

“I am younger than him, of course. The circumstances that happen with me, that happen with other managers, they will happen, it is up and down”.

“He is an inspirational manager for a manager like me. I have a very good relationship with Mou from when I was a manager of Espanyol and I have full respect for him and the club.”

Author’s take

These words of praise would indeed be a soothing antidote to the numerous wounds inflicted upon the troubled Red Devil’s manager in the last few days. It is expected to give a much needed morale boost to the disillusioned Portuguese coach. Would Mourinho perform as per the lauds given to him by his counterpart? The clash between the two parties will unleash everything out in the open.


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