Premier League club owner to get more involved with day to day dealings

 Roman Abramovich has decided to get hands-on with the proceedings at Chelsea.

Chelsea’s  victory over Manchester United brought another storm with it at the Stamford Bridge. Antonio Conte benched David Luiz for the game. The Brazilian is one of the most influential personalities in the dressing room. Thus benching him was a risky move considering that player power has always triumphed the manager’s authority at Chelsea. To make sure that this situation doesn’t devolve into something similar to the Diego Costa fiasco, Roman Abramovich has decided to step in.

The Russian Billionaire was more involved during the beginning of his tenure as the club owner. Although he has been slowly moving away from the spotlight. The sudden decision should not come as a surprise considering the unrest in both the dressing room and at the board level at Chelsea.

Reasons for Abramovich’s decision

Chelsea recently suffered the shock news of the departure of club’s Technical Director Michael Emenalo. Antonio Conte benched the most influential figure in the dressing room. These both are the makings of an implosion. As is the norm, Chelsea do seem to implode every two or three years no matter who the manager is.

Antonio Conte

Roman Abramovich has decided to take significant steps to stop the current implosion from going through. The resignation of Michael Emenalo means that more power has been shifted in the hands of Marina Granovskaia. She is responsible for overseeing club transfers and player negotiations. Abramovich’s regular presence might also help in keeping the player power in check which has acted up a lot lately for the Blues.

How will this affect the club

Well for one, Conte’s working will be under the direct scrutiny of the owner so it will be interesting to see how his attitude changes around Cobham. No manager’s future is completely safe at Stamford Bridge. Antonio Conte is no exception to this fact.

Despite receiving the full support of the Board after dropping David Luiz, Conte must understand how to curb his fiery attitude. Two player revolts in 6 months don’t paint a good picture of him. With Abramovich leaning over his shoulder, he has got to change the way he will deal with players. At the same time it might not be foolish assume that, given the kind of personality he has, Conte will remain the same irrespective of Abramovich’s presence.

The sole focus of everyone in the club has to be winning silverware. Off-field issues will only derail their quest for glory.

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