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Premier League news:’Chelsea are a WEAK TEAM’ in comparison to Liverpool, says Michael Owen

Pundit Michael Owen believes that Chelsea have the weakest starting lineup as compared to Liverpool and Manchester City.


Premier League news: The Premier League title race is once again shaping up to be one to see. The league currently has three super teams which are all matching each other step for step and it all boils down to which team can keep up.

Once again it is consistent performances that will make the difference here. The winter period is the toughest period which requires teams to be at their best. The congested period requires great determination.

Moreover, with such a tightly packed schedule, injuries are always on the rise. We have already seen with Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea that injuries can cause a big difference. They currently have Ben Chilwell, N’golo Kante, Jorginho and Matteo Kovacic out.

Additionally, it’s also true that whosoever comes out on top of the league after the end of the winter period, generally wins the league. Hence it remains to be seen which team is able to achieve that.

Premier League :'Chelsea is a WEAK TEAM', says Michael Owen
Premier League :’Chelsea is a WEAK TEAM’, says Michael Owen

Manchester City and Liverpool FC both have teams that have won the league in recent times. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have the most experience having won the league three times since coming over.

However, you cannot eliminate Liverpool and Chelsea as well who are equally strong. The European champions are a different breed under Thomas Tuchel and Liverpool are always a good team.

Michael Owen says Chelsea is the weakest team in the top 3

Former Liverpool FC striker Michael Owen believes Chelsea has the weakest starting lineup amidst Liverpool and Manchester City. He says Liverpool have more quality compared to Chelsea and Manchester City.

Although he says Chelsea have a great manager, he believes they are the weak link. Owen added that this season’s title winners can only be predicted in May as it will go down right to the wire.

“I think it’s very difficult to predict. I couldn’t argue with anybody if they said one of those three will win it,” Owen said on Premier League Productions.

“I think this title race will go all the way until May. I think all three of them will still have a chance of winning it in May.

“I think these are the best three sides we’ve seen for a long, long time. We’ve seen sides, City have been great. Liverpool have been great in the last few seasons, but we’ve never seen three teams of this standard at once in the Premier League. This is an exceptional season and I’m convinced it will go to the wire.”

The results of the top three already, they don’t seem to be slipping up. I do think the starting XI of Liverpool and Man City are stronger than Chelsea, but Chelsea have got a great manager and a great squad. It could go any way but I’ll stick my pick on Liverpool.”


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