Premier League Review Game Week-3 Winners and Losers


Round 3 unleashed the UFC mode in the Premier League as the cards were the center of attraction in the week of volatility in the Premier League.

The Champions got hunted by the pack of Wolves in the early kick-off to achieve parity which is a rare feat in these parts of the woods. The flurry of cards dominated the midday headlines as Bournemouth and Everton played out an eventful affair, to say the least, while Arsenal registered their first victory under Emery at the Emirates. Normalcy resumed in the late kick-off on Saturday as Liverpool gained control over the flight of the Seagulls.
Sunday saw Chelsea achieve another constructive result at the Tyneside. The Cottagers achieved a commendable win over Burnley with Mitrovic showing his might. Monday brought mourning back at Manchester where Mourinho still managed to get an ovation despite a monumental defeat against the Spurs who are slowly moving under the radar.

Biggest Winners: Fulham

Fulham registered their first points in the Premier League this season and it was quite a spectacle at the Craven Cottage especially in the first half where Mitrovic created Menace mining through the Burnley defense that usually binds itself to avoid the blight.

Fulham showed signs of severance in their opening fixture only to be denied by the class of Zaha, they looked out of shape against Spurs and came across as a typical championship side but a strong display against a formidable Burnley side would boost their morale in this tough terrain.

Biggest Losers: Manchester United

For the second week in a row, the sun sets on Manchester United and their manager Mourinho who is ironically feeling the heat in the cool climate of Manchester being let down by his French Talisman and the Belgian giant who are hailed as bonafide but are performing like petrified.

An embarrassing defeat against the Spurs where United should have scored in the first half sates that the dressing room has become a combustible commodity waiting to explode in this confusion.

Best Team: Liverpool

Liverpool completed the hattrick of clean sheets stating that the serenity is now complemented by solidarity to create the solitude of a substance forged in the component of a soldering iron signaling a strong surge toward the title. Of course, it is too early to comment on the championship but the content is increasing the curiosity at the Merseyside that has been waiting for commemoration for a long while now.

The win against Brighton displayed the control Liverpool had throughout the game where the third gear was enough to sneak past the seagulls keeping the back door shut in the process.

Stats: Liverpool vs Brighton and Hove Albion

Total Shots (on target) Ball Possession Accurate Passes (%) Shots conceded (on target)
                22 (8)          70%             669 (87%)                   6 (2)

Best Player: Lucas Moura

To be honest, personally, I was skeptical about Moura’s survival in the Premier League as the shades of inconsistency plus a fragile temperament had tormented his mentality that was ultimately affecting his potential. Pochettino is the best thing that has happened to him, Pochettino has eased Moura into a side that is accommodating his individual affluence into a team structure filtering out the shenanigans in the process.

He scored a brace against a sorry Manchester United defense, two smart finishes showing agility and composure in front of the goal, the best part though was his willingness to track back and throw in a tackle here and there in his own half demonstrating the team player demeanor that he has developed in this decorum.

Worst Player: Romelu Lukaku

The lies of Lukaku are now listed towards a let-down at Old Trafford. He is amongst the handful of United players who are settled in this scenery, it hasn’t been reflected in his gameplay which suffers from erratic touch and poor finishing. Lukaku should have scored in the first half but his fanatic miss resulted in famine for Manchester United in front of the goal.

He was taken away from the game by Toby Alderweirld ( and yes Woodward was watching) in the second half winning only 3 duels out of 11 attempts something you don’t expect from your beastly center forward.

Best Manager: Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino has evolved into an individual of integrity at Tottenham Hotspur, he hasn’t delivered the silverware when he had a golden chance during the 2015-16 season but you have to give him credit for always moving the team forward with consistency even without the finances now that could easily take the fight out of the manager.
He has remained strong and built a team that comprises of one World Class striker, two dangerous attacking midfielders where runs are complemented with the service, two physical powerhouses in Dembele and Dier capable of denting the opposition and an experienced Belgium center back pairing forming a partnership of persistence.

Lloris, the leader may lag off the filed but on the field, he is the ledger that balances this side. Pochettino’s halftime talk must have done wonders as Spurs came out more settled and took their chances with composure.

Best match: Bournemouth vs Everton

A violent affair at the vitality stadium left the Bournemouth fans vindicated at the end of this Vignette. Things started slowly but Richarlison’s moment of madness ignited the intensity in the atmosphere that went to phosphorous ends in the second half where Everton for the second time this season responded positively under calamity to take the initiative with a Theo Walcott goal, Adam Smith’s sacrificial act of rescue gave more momentum to the Merseyside as Michael Keane doubled the advantage.

Bournemouth had shown their comeback credentials last week, they repeated the feat once again with Joshua King and Nathan Ake scoring in quick succession that brought the two sides on even ground. An entertaining last 10 minutes couldn’t result in a goal, the anticipation in the atmosphere was electric though amplifying the acoustics that can energize a mid-card carnival into a meaty contest when played by the accordion of the Premier League.

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