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Qatar Grand Prix 2021: Mercedes engineer explains Losail circuit’s “bizarre” kerb theory

Qatar Grand Prix 2021: Mercedes trackside engineer Andrew Shovlin talks about the "bizarre" Qatar kerb theory which damaged several tyres.

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Qatar Grand Prix 2021: The Qatar Grand Prix in Losail extended the track limits, where the drivers were allowed to keep at least one tyre on the kerb to be within the limit. However, it came at a cost at the flatter kerbs.

Several drivers faced damage to the front wing, which led to several front-wing changes. Moreover, it also increased tyre wear. Lando Norris’ 20-odd laps old tyre got punctured in the end. Yet, the drivers were still willing to take their cars on the kerbs.

The more aggressive the drivers were on the track limits, the better timing they were giving. Thus, it was about riskier the move, higher the reward. This was the juxtaposition for all the teams in Qatar.

These conditions also forced teams to have two pitstop strategies. This reason also potentially cost Sergio Perez his podium. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso gambled with his tyres to seal his first podium in seven years.

Formula 1 News: Mercedes engineer explains Qatar’s “bizzare” kerb theory

Qatar Grand Prix 2021: Mercedes explains bizzare theory

Mercedes trackside engineer Andrew Shovlin reacting to Valtteri Bottas’ puncture that led to his DNF explains why it was a worthy gamble. Moreover, he also talks about how this problem can be solved.

“It is strange because the problem is that they are very flat. Consequently, you can cover all over them,” said Shovlin, as per GP Fans. “When you drive all over them, the front wings are confined to the ground, and they are being trimmed. The tyres are getting hammered quite arduously by them.

“In a bizarre way. If they were more offensive it was seemingly moving to be simpler for the car and the tyres. But it is the truth that you can take on them, and the fastest thing is to grow on them as well. If it is the quickest thing you have got to do it and there sprawls the risk.”

Despite Bottas losing on Bottas’ points, Mercedes sticked to the same strategy. Because they were focused on making Hamilton win. Though, it cost them a considerable lead over Red Bull in the constructors’ standings.

Formula 1 News: Mercedes engineer explains Qatar’s “bizzare” kerb theory

Qatar Grand Prix 2021: Silver Arrows solved the issue too

Mercedes claims they had this problem on Friday, with massive chunks of front-wing detaching from the car; however, they managed to find a solution by avoiding specific areas, which helped them to an extent.

“We had it like the rest on Friday, snipping off parts of the front wing [that were] getting a blow,” he said, “At that type of pace you are running, they just get wiped off, and they are gone.

“We succeeded to get that under charge. The team directed the drivers to be circumspect in a few of areas but I assume everyone was in probably the same boat.”

“Mostly it is protecting your stock till you get into those closing bits of qualifying, ensuring the car was aerodynamically in great shape and later you can really deliver the speed that is in the arsenal.”

Formula 1 News: Mercedes engineer explains Qatar’s “bizzare” kerb theory


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