Saturday, January 29, 2022

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus still want to continue Super League


The proposed European Super League by some of the biggest clubs on Europe was a dark day I’m club football. A break away league from the money rich clubs to scrap away the existing competition, the UEFA Champions League.

12 of the biggest names got together to create the new league which would eliminate the whole existence of football as we know it. The requirements for inclusion – monetary power?

12 clubs form the European Super League. From the La Liga- FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. From the Premier League- Manchester United, City, Liverpool,Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal. Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan from the Serie A.

This entire concept of creating a tournament with only the big names competing against each other destroys the chances of the smaller teams. They are no longer able to qualify for the big cup competitions. In the CL, merit is the only way in. Moreover, it would demolish the idea of big games. It is not conducive for the hype surrounding an exciting fixture. A big game like Manchester United vs Real Madrid happening every other week would take away the aura of it.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus still want to continue the European Super League

Thankfully, football fans and pundits from all across protested against this. Many supporters of these clubs voiced their opinions. Fans have done their part through the protests. Chelsea fans are one such group who took to the streets to protest.

Manchester City was the first club to withdraw from the competition, followed by Chelsea. Slowly, more joined them. Additionally, these clubs have publicly apologized to their fans for the involvement.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus vow to carry on the Super League

However, 3 of these aforementioned clubs still remained. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus are still adamant about continuing. They believe UEFA is a dangerous organization and want to counter their ‘monopoly’.

The case between these three clubs and UEFA is going on in a court in Spain. Moreover, the court has ruled out the charges of Β£7 million for the withdrawn nine clubs.

The case will now be handled by the European court of Justice in Luxembourg. These three clubs are very sure they can make this proposal a reality. According to them, UEFA’s threats don’t scare them.

Previously, UEFA had warned that those clubs who don’t withdraw won’t be allowed to participate in the Champions League. Moreover, all their honours will be stripped off. However, that threat was only words.

We are pleased that going forward, we will no longer be subject to ongoing UEFA’s threats. Our aim is to keep developing the Super League project in a constructive and cooperative manner, always counting on all football stakeholders: fans, players, coaches, clubs, leagues, and national and international associations.

We have the duty to address the very serious issues facing football. UEFA has established itself as the sole regulator, exclusive operator, and unique owner of rights of European football competitions. This monopolistic position, in conflict of interest, is damaging football and its competitive balance.


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