Los Blancos legend says club could buy Neymar by offering a star in return

Real Madrid legend says that the club could offer PSG a star to convince them to sell Neymar

Real Madrid legend has claimed that the club could persuade PSG to sell Neymar by offering one of their stars in a potential swap deal.

The Brazilian made the summer transfer window his own personal soap opera, which dragged on for what seemed like weeks before he finally handed over a check for €222 million to Barcelona, despite reports of the La Liga ready to block the move. But everything went through and Neymar became the most expensive player in football history, annihilating the comparatively paltry sum of 90 million that Manchester United shelled out for Paul Pogba.

However, now with reports of Neymar being uneasy and unsettled in France and wanting a move back to Spain, the former Barcelona star has been heavily linked with a move to replace Real Madrid’s, Cristiano Ronaldo. But PSG’s director Luis Fernadez has boldly claimed that the Brazilian “will not leave”. With Real Madrid struggling for goals and also watching their star-studded attacking trio in their worst form in years.

But, with any potential fee for the Brazilian could go way past the €400 million, including both the transfer fee and his potential salaries. That has caused Real Madrid to balk at any potential deal and look towards other options. However, while the 26-year-old former Barcelona star has been in incredible form, with 27 goals and 16 assists in just 26 games, there are few others players that Real Madrid could bring in with the same effect.

This is exactly why Real Madrid legend Guti went on to say, “Neymar is a different player. He is among the best three in the world. What we like is to see the best in the world. I like Neymar, but if that means Ronaldo leaving, then no.

The Spaniard who made over 500 plus appearances, winning 15 trophies over a 25 year period with the club further added, “At Real Madrid you have to be the best in the world and Neymar is. I think he is more motivated and I think he will continue to be so.  He knows that he won’t come to a better place.

I think Neymar will go to Real Madrid. Who knows if [Karim] Benzema will be the one who goes to PSG.  I think Ronaldo will continue here though.”

Author’s take:

Real Madrid needs new blood, and with neither of their infamous BBC trio doing well especially in the La Liga, they most definitely need someone who can come in and shake things up. While I personally believe they should have just spent the money and brought in Kylian Mbappe(despite the 18-year-old’s rigid and unmoveable plan) during the summer, Neymar is a proven La Liga player who will do well under Zidane.

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