Red Bull hire a lawyer to take on Silverstone crash case against Hamilton


Crashes in Formula 1 racing are expected and common. But no racing incident has garnered as much attention as the Silverstone incident involving Hamilton and Verstappen. To be more specific, everyone lost their minds regarding whose fault it was and was the penalty given to Hamilton was a joke.

And now it’s been reported that former professional racing driver and current advisor to the Red Bull Formula One Team, Helmut Marko, has told Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung that the Red Bull team has hired a lawyer for the Silverstone crash case.

The Silverstone crash involving Max Verstappen and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been a topic of discussion. While many fans are calling it an accident, many feel it was intentional and Hamilton should have been disqualified.

The crash happened in the first lap of the race as the pair fought for the lead at Copse Corner. The Mercedes driver was given a ten-second penalty. Hamilton still won the race, reducing the points gap and claiming his 8th British Grand Prix victory.

Hamilton clips Red Bull driver Verstappen

The Red Bull team was left in shock and was disappointed with the incident. When the incident was under investigation, Red Bull principal Christian Horner told Race Director Michael Masi that he held Hamilton fully responsible for the incident.

Meanwhile, Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff radioed Masi to say he’d sent him an email and asked if he had checked it after the crash. Masi was quick to shut Wolff down and stated he doesn’t check emails during a race and that Wolff should go to see the stewards if he wished.


Red Bull hire lawyer

The Silverstone crash is the worst possible thing that could have happened to Red bull and Verstappen. They were in a very good spot prior to the British Grand Prix. They had a huge 33 point lead, but with Verstappen crashing out, it has been reduced to just 7 points.

The main reason for hiring the lawyer is because Red bull wants some strict action to be taken against Hamilton. Though he did receive a 10-sec penalty, they feel it’s not enough and want some heavy penalty to be imposed on the British driver.

After the crash, Verstappen was taken to the circuit medical center and then to a local hospital for further check-ups. Though he came out of the crash without a scratch, he wasn’t happy with Hamilton and labeled him disrespectful for his post-race celebrations.

“Glad I’m ok. Very disappointed with being taken out like this.”

“The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track. Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on.”

While Verstappen was taken to the hospital for precautionary checks, the Red Bull team did not sit still. They did everything possible and when that didn’t work; they stole the fastest lap point from Hamilton by changing Sergio Perez’s tires.

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