Revealed: Why Sir Alex Ferguson chose not to sign Zidane?


Former chairman of Manchester United, Martin Edwards revealed the reason why Sir Alex Ferguson decided not sign Zidane before he joined Juventus.

At the age of 22, when the scouts of suggested the former Red Devils manager to sign the French sensation, he chose Eric Cantona over him as he believed both the players played in the same postion.

Though Eric Cantona is one of the greatest players who pulled on the Red Jersey, it is hard to ignore what Zidane has achieved over the years.

In mid-‘90s, when Zidane was at Bordeaux, he decided to flourish his career at Juventus where he spent five years. And after came the move to The Galaticos, which was like icing on the cake over his decorated career.

Apart from the bitter farewell from the International football,  Zidane achieved enough glory to be called one of the greatest of his generation. He helped his side win the 1998 World Cup and 2000 Euros.

Edwards told the Man United website: “When Zidane was at Bordeaux, Les Kershaw, the chief scout, was telling me we should be interested in him and I mentioned it to Alex.

“Alex said that Eric [Cantona] had also mentioned Zidane to him but Alex felt Zidane played in the same position as Eric.

“Having gone over to France to persuade Eric to re-sign for us, after the Crystal Palace incident [when Cantona was banned for kicking a fan], he felt that, if he had brought Zidane in, it may have affected Eric’s position, so he stuck with Eric.”

Author’s Take:

As they say, whatever happens, happens for the best. Let us settle for that if you’re a United fan because thinking about the ‘what ifs’ of the scenario of SAF getting the signature of Zidane would only hurt you.

But, what if he had signed for United? Let us know how his career would have been different at Manchester United than at Juventus & Real Madrid?

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