Ronaldo Involved in a Dressing Room Issue 2
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Ronaldo involved in dressing room spat

Reports suggest that a dressing room spat is emanating in the Real Madrid dressing room, with Cristiano Ronaldo at the forefront.

Real Madrid has got one of the best line-ups in the entire world. There are powerful and influential players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema who are under constant watch by millions of fans worldwide.

Ronaldo Involved in a Dressing Room Issue 1

There is a brawl going on in the dressing room. This is keeping Zidane worried…

However, the recent lack of form of Real Madrid in La Liga is not unknown to us either. Right now, the Spanish giants have been struggling to stay in the title race against Barcelona. They are currently trailing behind their rivals with 11 points.

Ronaldo is Being Held Liable

There is an opinion, that the fall of the Benzema, Bale and Cristiano trio is responsible for most of the decline of Real Madrid. This dispute has reached to a point where players like Isco and Marco Asensio are presumably too annoyed.

Ronaldo Involved in a Dressing Room Issue

There is something UGLY going on between Real Madrid.

According to Diario Gol, Real’s Isco and Asensio are of the opinion that they should be ahead of Benzema in the team. However, Ronaldo feels that Benzema should continue his role in the starting XI, despite poor form.

Ronaldo and Benzema are said to favor the inclusion of Bale in the lineup when the Welshman is back to full fitness, over Isco and Asensio. This will doubtless be a disappointment for these youngsters, who have been performing at the top of their game.

Therefore, according to these reports, the situation is ‘ugly’ as Real missed a domestic fixture to compete in the Club World Cup. Also, they face their full-blood rivals Barcelona on Saturday in a game of high guts.

Their morale will, however, be helped by recently lifting a second Club World Cup in 2 years.

Author’s Take

This is clearly not a depiction of a good sportsman spirit. The person who deserves more gaming time should get more gaming time. This is how it happens. If Isco-Asensio are more worthy, then they should open the match, if not, then they need to work harder. I think Zidane is there to make sure who gets a shot and who doesn’t.

Such issues only hurt a team. Real is definitely in low form if its players have started to fight about their place in the team.

Ronaldo involved in dressing room spat
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